Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The next installment in The Dark Hunter series....

Ahhhhh finally, the long awaited release of Bad Moon Rising. Bad Moon Rising is the latest installment in the popular book series The Dark Hunters, by Sherrilyn Kenyon. This series is technically labeled as romance or paranormal romance, but I assure you, it is so much more than that! Sherriyln draws you into her world of Dark Hunters, Were Hunters & Dream Hunters, surrounded by greek mythology and modern day love story of these souless hunters, silently protecting the world from the reigin of Daimons ( Sherrilyn's version of vampires ) Bad Moon Rising follows Fang Kattalakis( wolf ) & Aimee Peltier ( bear) and their forbidden love for each other. These books can be read individually, but if you wish to know the entire storyline as well as all the incredible characters in this series, I highly recomend that you start from the beginning; Fantasy Lover is the first installment in this series. There are a total of 26 stories, including Bad Moon Rising. Go out and get your Dark Hunter books today! They're Mad, They're Bad, & They're Immortal!

New Moon 2010 Calender

The 2010 New Moon calender hits stores today!!
The calender will not disappoint with pictures of the Cullens, the Quilette wolf pack and our favorite nomad vampires, Victoria & Laurent! Don't forget to pick up your copy today, cause these babies will definitely sell out quickly!!

The most incredible night!!

The stage set....the light's up....band enters & then I go deaf. LOL I'm not kidding, from the moment Depeche Mode hits the stage there was endless screaming, singing and dancing. It was incredible. I don't have much of a voice left this morning.....but go ahaead and ask me if I care! I'm still humming from the vibration of the music and having the chance to see the most amazing band! WOW!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The greatest band...EVERRRRRRR

Tonight.....Madison Square Garden.....18,000 fans & Depeche Mode. OH YEAHHHHH!!
Depeche Mode has been my favorites band since they first hit the music scene, back in the early 80's. They have toured the states countless times, but every single time, the concert that I wanted to see was either sold out...or something happened in my personal life to prohibit me from going. Well, not this time. When the release of their new Album " Sounds Of The Universe " was announced, I knew not long after there would be a tour to promote it. Thanks to depechemode.com & depeche mode on MySpace, I was able to follow ever move, every announcement. I got hold of the dates when they would be here, in New York about 7 months prior to the actuall show and ran to the phone, because THIS time I had a guarrenteed in for getting tickets. My best friend Elaine, works for a company who is directly affiliated with Madison Square Garden. I told her, PLEASE, as soon as you hear about any possibity of these tickets being available, LET ME KNOW! Well, she did not dissapoint! The employees were offered a small selection of tickets, and so we jumped on them! No matter what the cost, no matter what they are I have to go!! Well, these tickets were expensive, but I assure you I ain't complaining....and on top of that, they are in a fantastic section!!! Just above the floor. NO WORDS can say how utterly excited I am!!! GAHHH!!! So today, I'm headed to the store to buy some glow sticks to flail around at the concert.....yeah yeah, so I'm a dork. I'm also looking for a hand-held fan, cause this humidity is a bitch & I know once I head into the city, the sweat is gonna be rolling off of me. EWWWW. So, check me back tomorrow and I'll give you the full scoop on the concert. YAY! I CAN'T WAIT!