Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm Kinda Clairvoyant

WOW, I've been gone for ages, haven't I?

In the last few weeks, I've been recovering from surgery,
launching a new polish collection,
and getting ready to to say the least,
it's been insane over here!
I do hate neglecting my blog readers though, so I will try to be 
more consistent with my posts.

And speaking of post, I've got a new one for you today!

I am one of those poor souls that was way too slow 
to be fortunate to grab the ever elusive,
Cult Nails Clairvoyant aka Unicorn Puke.
I weep silently every time I see a post or pic with this
breathtaking polish. 

And so while I am still hunting for a bottle that won't cost me
a car payment, I decided to experiment with
a few different toned flakie polishes to see if I could
capture the look of Clairvoyant.

I started with a single coat of Color Club's Disco Dress
a vibrant violet purple.
Then, a single layer of Max Factor's, Fantasy Fire.
Then I used 3 different flakie polishes,
lightly applied. 
Essie Luxe Effect in Shine Of The Times
Picture Polish in Festival

Here is the and result

An exact dupe? 
No, I wouldn't say that, but it does capture the same look as 
  Clairvoyant and for the moment it's satified my craving for
this amazing polish.

What do you think?