Saturday, May 1, 2010

Breaking Dawn Director Confirmed; Addresses Twihard Fan's

If you haven't heard about the big and long awaited news, 
Bill Condon was chosen by Summit Entertainment to helm the final installment of the Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn.

 *Bill Condon directing list includes, Gods And Monsters & DreamGirls*

While it is not yet confirmed whether there will be 1 movie or have it be split into 2,(most likely there will be 2) Summit is moving forward
with tentative plans to begin filming in October of this year.

Yesterday, Bill released a statement to us, the Twilight fans.

       Greetings Twihards, Twifans, Twilight Moms, Team Edward, Team Jacob and Team Switzerland,

I just want to say hello to all of you and let you know that I’m stoked to be getting underway on the adventure of making BREAKING DAWN. As you’ve probably heard, I’ve been given a very warm welcome by Stephenie and Team Summit – who are super-focused, as you know, on getting these movies right.
I’m pretty busy bringing myself up to speed on what you already know by heart: I’ve read BREAKING DAWN twice, rewatched Catherine’s and Chris’s movies 2-3 times each, have all four CDs playing in my car, and have Catherine’s notebook, Mark Cotta Vaz’s companion books, and even Volume 1 of the graphic novel here on my desk – a corner of my office is starting to look like Hot Topic. I realize that this barely qualifies me for “newborn” status in the universe you’ve been living inside for a few years now, but a guy’s gotta start somewhere.
Like many of you, I’ve always been slightly obsessed with vampires, dating back to the prime-time series DARK SHADOWS, which I followed avidly as a kid. But that alone hadn’t been enough to get me interested in making a vampire movie, even though my early screenwriting and directing efforts grew out of a great love for horror movies and thrillers. Since making GODS AND MONSTERS thirteen years ago, however, I’ve been yearning for a return to a story with Gothic overtones.
The wonderful world that Stephenie has created has obviously struck a chord with you, and I don’t think it’s difficult to see why. For me, her characters are simultaneously timeless, yet very modern. Rooted in a beautiful, real landscape with a great sense of place, Bella, Edward, Jacob, and the rest of the Forks/La Push menagerie, experience emotions that are primal, and universal: desire, despair, jealousy – and it all comes to fruition in BREAKING DAWN. This is a final chapter in the best sense; not just wide in scope and scale, but emotionally charged and intense throughout.
I’m a huge admirer of the already-iconic Kristen, Robert, and Taylor, and wanted to be the one to work with them as they face the challenges of bringing your beloved characters to the end of their journeys. Really, what could be more fun than that?
Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to answer them. I hope that this will be the first of many occasions I’ll get to check in with you as we set to work bringing BREAKING DAWN to the screen. I am excited and grateful to have all of you alongside me for my TWILIGHT journey.
All best,
Bill Condon


So what do you think? Are you happy with the choice? Did you like what Bill had to say? Are you excited to see Breaking Dawn and do you wish for it to be 1 movie or split into 2? 

Friday, April 30, 2010

****** GIVEAWAY! ******

Since I know so many of you have been having a very difficult time finding the new Sally Hansen Salon Spring collection, I, on the other hand have been lucky enough to find them in several stores.

So, because I've been so fortunate, I decided to share the goodies with you!

One lucky winner will win ALL 3 of these from the newest collection.


"Sea And Be Seen"

"Hidden Treasure"



The rules are simple

1) You must be a follower

2) You must make a comment on this post

3) Only 1 entry per person please

4) Please provide your name & e-mail, so that I may notify you 

Winner will be chosen using

The lucky winner will be announced Wednesday, May 5th

So get your entries in quick!!!

Good Luck!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Another request off my list, 
many, MANY Subbies have requested I do a 
RockStar inspired look.

I'll admit, these are pretty hot!
Makes me wanna nose dive into the nearest Mosh Pit and kick some ass!
Hmm, on second thought, strike that, I might break a nail!

PRO Systems Base Coat
Seche Vite Top Coat
Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in - Celeb City
Orly in - Goth
Various Sized Rhinestones
Hot Pink Star Sequins
Silver Bullion Beads

For full tutorial on this look, please visit my You tube channel


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sally Hansen Swatches from Yesterday's Haul

I tried my best to capture the true color of these wonderful colors.
I did alright, but they aren't fantastic. 
Take my word for it, these polishes are worth hunting for.
"Sea And Be Seen"
2 coats over base coat of China Glaze "Secret Peri-Wink-le"
Nice frosty periwinkle

"Silver Lining"
2 coats, no base
SUPER pretty!

2 coats, no base 
This polish literally glows, its SO gorgeous!

"Hidden Treasure"
1 coat over 1 coat of China Glaze - Heli-yum

Grrrrr I fought with the camera to get the colors and flakes to show up, but alas I couldn't truly capture it's beauty. But I assure you, this flakey polish is heavenly!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Small Haul....Big on Color...

 Now,I must confess that lately, 
I've been trying my hardest to avoid the nail polish displays in ANY store, because I've just got SO much....but as any self-respecting nail polish addict would know, this is much easier said than done.

I was strolling down the cosmetics isle in my local Walgreen's today, innocently wandering towards the shampoo when something caught my eye.
My first response to myself was 
But the light was hitting the display in just a way that all the sparkly goodness was drawing me in.

 I just had to stop and look.

The new spring Sally Hansen SALON Manicure collection was perfectly on display right in front of my eyes.


It's been a while since I've seen a polish that makes me weak in the knees with lust....but here I was in the middle of the store, wobbling on two feet like a 13 yr. old seeing her 1st crush.

These colors are just like nothing I've seen in a while!! 
In the midst of all my giddy excitement, I threw 7 bottles in my cart.

After walking through the store and talking myself down,
I decided to choose the best 4 polishes out of what I had.


This is an AMAZING teal, with gold & green pearl undertones. 
I love teal, I own alot of teal polishes...and this one is going straight to the top of my list.

"Sea And Be Seen"

This is a Periwinkle, a purple-ish-blue shade with the finest grade of sliver and teal glitter in it. You've got to see it in person,
my camera just couldn't capture the uniqueness of this color.

"Silver Lining"

Another incredibly unique color. 
What an appropriate name.
This is a silver with ultra fine grade teal glitter. 
I've never seen anything quite like it. When in direct light, it is almost like a dual-chrome bouncing back from the teal to the silver.
Simply gorgeous.

"Hidden Treasure"

Well ain't that the truth.
Oh. My. God.
This color is right up there with Nfu-Oh, maybe even better.
Oh yeah, I said it.
In the picture it is almost a creamy yellow, but it's not even close.
It's a cross between a gold and a lime...but does it matter? 
Nope, cause it's what's inside that is pure heaven.
Opalescent flame orange-red chunky flakes with just a hint of green.
It's essentially a top coat to make even the most boring of colors literally come to life.
If there was ever a color that I were to say you MUST have, it is this gem right here.

Springtime French

First up on my request list is this simple french mani.
The request is from 
and she asked for something simple to do, understated yet pretty for a young girl.

Wet n Wild Megalast in - Sugar Coat
China Glaze in - White Out
Zoya in - Emme
Pure ICE in - Free Spirit
Dotting Tool
Small Round Clear Rhinestones

For full tutorial on this look, please visit my You Tube channel


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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's Coming Up...Requests

My request list has been building up, 
so slowly but surely I am trying to catch up on them.

Here are some requests you can expect to see from me within the next month or so.

Rockstar nails (this has been requested by several ppl)

Pinkangell3 requested something glittery with Purple & Pink

TheHollister29 requested something simple & understated for a young girl

Addicted2OPI requested a cute Birthday design

NotAllCuteGuysAreGay requested Harry Potter inspired design

TheHildel requested Chess themed nails

JennyandBailey01 requested an Animal Print nail series

Yayirsangle12345 requested Tiger stripes

Peacock Inspired nails ( requested by several ppl)

x3sammaysamx36 requested Dora The Explorer nails

How to apply fake nails (requested by several ppl)

"Twilight Saga" Eclipse nails (requested by several ppl)

There are SO many more requests, please understand it's not always possible to get to them, but I am doing my best.
I am working on it!!

These designs and much, much, more you can expect to see from me very soon!