Monday, September 27, 2010

"Kleaning" Overload

This morning I ran into my local beauty supply store to pick 
up a couple of NYX shadows that they have real cheap there.
Dontcha know that when you attempt to run in and out 
of store quickly, you always end up with twice as much stuff as you had originally planned to buy.
This particular beauty supply always has KleanColor polishes,
but it's always the same 5 shades from 2 years ago. 
This morning I walked in and the were 2 huge racks filled with KleanColor!
I got a little carried away and ended up putting a few back, but this is what I ended up with. Oh and one Brucci polish for the heck of it. hehe

Pastel Teal - Nope, this is a true sky blue color, not a single resemblance of Teal. I've got a small handful of similar colors, but nothing quite this light. It's a standard cream, a little streaky on the 1st coat, but perfect on the 2nd.

 Lavenbaby - I really couldn't tell you why I'm on such a purple/plum kick, but I am. Sigh, I have many colors that are practically identical, but this pretty purple cream looked so pretty, I couldn't help myself.
Applied beautifully with a single coat.

Elizabeth A's Natural - Shrugs, don't ask me, I didn't name it lol
This gorgeous oyster cream color is really perfect to wear year round.
Again, this one applied beautifully in a single coat.

Cafe Au Lait - This is a yellow-based camel color. It's showing a bit more yellow in the photos, it is much more muted than it appears.
Great for Fall, I'm looking forward to using it.
Applied flawless with a single coat.

 Fashionista - Oh yes! This one I had been hoping to get my hands on. 
This is the best of the lot. A true olive green cream. Yummy.
Slightly streaky on the 1st coat, but 2 made it perfect.

Red Sparkle - Now this one is very unusual, at least to my eyes.
It's a red-based jelly with not red, but silver sparkles. It's probably the jelly base and the fact that I just watched the DEXTER premiere last night, but this reminds me of blood. LOL Blood in a good way, in a Halloween way.
:D You'll see me use this for at least 1 of my Halloween looks, I'm sure.
Chunky Copper - This is an orange-based jelly with small round & larger hexogon orange glitter in it. Yes, the name says copper, but this really couldn't get anymore orange. 
4 coats to get some solidity to the glitter, but this is really best as a top coat. Again, you'll see me using this one for Halloween.

Here's some swatches


Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I was just looking around to see where has Kleancolor for cheap. Would you mind sharing where you get these from? A friend might be in NY soon. Thanks

Paulina said...

nice colours!

JQ said...

Oh those colours make me drooool! Nice haul!

Unknown said...

Really like Chuncky Copper!

Unknown said...

nice colors !!!

ABOP Laquerlove said...

I hauled some Kleancolor last week but don't remember seeing the ligh blue and lavender... Fashionista was love at first sight though, that one came home with me.

Žana said...

Red Sparkle and Chunky Copper are really great.I love it :-D

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

Thanks everyone! And to answer your question, Halifax, it's just a small local place, but I do believe there are more of them, it's called Lucky Beauty Supply. Do I Google search, and I'm pretty sure you will get a list of them, hopefully one will be in your area!

Gwen - SpaceLifeThoughts said...

Cute bottles! I really like fashionista and chunky copper :)

Laura said...

Love them all. What great finds.

ThRiSzHa said...

ohh my... ive been lemming for fashionista so much.. this is the only shade that I dont have.. I love the color of olive green...

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but i have kleancolor pastel teal AND pastel blue and i'm 99.9% positive that the bottle of pastel teal you own is a mislabeled pastel blue.

here is kleancolors official flickr and there is a swatch of pastel blue which is dead on.