Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Here is a simple and cute look,
just in time for Easter.
Looks like these colored eggs are the only things hiding in the grass!


PRO Nail Systems Base Coat
Orly in - Honeymoon In Style
Sinful Colors in - Snow Me White
Nail Touch nail paint in - Hunter Green
Nail Star Nail & Brush Pen in - Lime
Nail Star Nail & Brush Pen in - Baby Pink
Milani Nail Art in - Green Scetch
Kiss Nail Art in - Soft Green 
Ornaments 2-Way Brush & Pen in - Black
Happy Easter Fimo mix from - Dollish Polish 
Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Top Coat

To see the full tutorial on this look,
please visit my YouTube channel at

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Circus Glitters - A Comparison

Ever since
Happy Birthday polish hit the scene, 
we've seen a multitude of companies come out with
their own variations of this polish.

So, I decided to do a small comparison 
with the ones that I currently have.
I commonly refer to these glitter polishes as
Circus or Carnival Glitters, 
because that is exactly what they remind me of.

These little parties in a bottle can be worn alone, 
or layered with many other polishes to give
you tons of unique looks.

Party Of Five Glitters

This Wet n Wild polish came out with their newly
released Fast Dry collection.
Small & medium sized hexagons in shades of 
Silver, Light Blue, Green, Magenta & Red 
all in a clear jelly base.
Retails for $1.99 in most drug stores


This circus glitter came out with 
Milani's Jewel FX collection, which consists of
3 highly dense glitter polishes in Silver,Gold and Gems,
all in a clear jelly base.
Again, this has small & medium hexagons in shades of
 Silver, Light Blue, Green, Magenta, Red, & Gold. 
This polish, unlike the Wet n Wild one is very densely packed,
and you can achieve opaqueness with just 2 coats.
Retails on average of $4.99 in most drug stores.

Afternoon Picnic

Klean Color's Afternoon Picnic is the most unique of 
all the polishes in that it have a very wide range of hexagons,
ranging from small to quite large hexagons.
All in a clear jelly base, the hexagon colors are, 
Silver, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, & Magenta.
Retails on average $1.00 - $4.00 and can be found at
some specialty beauty shops and also at

While I do not own Happy Birthday myself,
from what I can tell of the countless swatches I've seen,
is that Afteroon Picnic comes closest in the color range,
while Milani's Gems comes closest in density and sizing of glitter.

Either way, this gives you a small insight 
to some of the Circus glitters that are currently available to you, 
and they all offer something special!