Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm in this month's issue of GO Style Magazine!

GO Style, a popular Israeli fashion magazine has featured me in June issue!
Many thanks to Yifat, 
a Facebook follower for not only mailing me the magazine, 
but also roughly translating it for me as well.

Here is the rough translation:

 - After surfing in nails blogs they arrived to Dollish Polish 
and the owner is Dolly (no one know her real identity).
Dolly creates at her online shop, custom nail polishes and they're MUST in every one that love nails.
Dolly creates polishes in colors and texture that you will never find anywhere else or with any famous brands and she give strange names to each of them that symbolize the inspiration of them like "Spank You Very Much" and "Fat Guy In A Little Coat" and a famous one "Zombie Flesh" that created by her love to horror.
Dolly talks to her fans everyday in her Facebook page and update with new colors, inspirations etc.
Her fans take pictures of them with her designs, share tips,
and enjoy talking with her on anything that relate to nails.
We don't know until when she will stay anonymous or when she will be mega brand but when it will happen you should know her!

I handed the magazine to my mother without saying for what or why,
she thumbed through it till she got to the article and just stared in silence for a long moment, finally looking up at me all glassy-eyed, and said
" OMG, that is your hand in a fashion magazine from halfway across the world!"

Yep, pretty surreal, and very exciting!