Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Current Favorite Pink

I love every color imaginable, 
truly I do. 
But there is just something about Pink.

Is it the natural association with all things girly that makes
me love the color so?

What ever the case may be, I think Pink is the one color,
at least for me,
that each varying shade, evokes are different reaction, 
whether it be a soft baby Pink ( Aw, so sweet!), 
or a shocking neon Pink (Hot Mama!)
 they all show a 
different version of "girly" to me.

My current favorite Pink is a what most commonly refer to as 
Barbie Pink. 
 A sugary sweet vibrant bubble gum Pink shade.
This shade looks so amazing on tanned summer toes, 

Color Club hit it out of the park with Peppermint Twist. 
Seriously, if you love Pink, this is a MUST-HAVE in your collection. 
My pics don't do it justice.

(excuse the rough cuticles, my poor hands have taken a beating as of late

Me love you longtime Color Club.