Saturday, January 9, 2010

Neon Mosaic Contest Entry

My contest entry for KKnailz95 neon themed contest


Kleancolor  in - Mango
Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in - Mellow Yellow
ABSOLUTE nail color in - Neon Green
Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry in - Brisk Blue
Milani Nail Art in - Pink Pop
Claire' Nail Polish in - Purple Neon
Hurrican Nail Art Polish in - Black

Doctor Who - The End Of An Era....

SIGH...this is painful to talk about this subject. Doctor Who, infamous science fiction show dating back to the early 60's has come to a very disappointing end. End of the show you ask? No, no....though I am mourning it as that.

I'll give you a brief recap for those that aren't familiar with this brilliant show. Enter The Doctor....nope, no other name, just....The Doctor. He is a Time Lord from the planet Galafrey. After the time war, he is the last of his kind. He aimlessly travels the universe in his space ship, conveniently disguised as a blue police box. It's much larger on the inside you see. Partial to humans, and us humans seemingly always in need of help, The Doctor frequently takes on a human partner and they travel the galaxies together, having countless adventures & saving the world, one planet at a time. When The Doctor becomes gravely injured, rather than die, he simply re-generates into a new version of himself. Hence....a new actor to pay this character.

Enter, David Tennant, brilliantly talented & stunningly handsome Scottish actor. He is the 10th Doctor and has playing this role since 2005. Many, many people have said he is THE best Doctor to date. I happen to agree. I have watched this show on and off since I'm a child, and no one has captivated me as David Tennant does.

David Tennant has decided to move on, and leave Doctor Who. I am utterly heart-broken to say the least. Last week, on New Year's "Doctor Who - The End Of Time" aired in the UK on BBC.  For some reason, these show have not yet aired here in the US, but thanks to You Tube, I was able to watch it. I cried my eyes out. The episode was amazing and to see The Doctor say his goodbyes and lastly, re-generate was completely gut-wrenching.

Though the show carries on with newcomer, Matt Smith, personally, it will most difficult to watch.You have HUGE shoes to fill Matt, and you will have to fight for admiration amongst us 10th Doctor fans. David brought the show and this character to new levels that I don't think anyone will ever come close to replicating again.

Goodbye 10th Doctor, will miss you beyond words can ever express.

On the bright side, we can look forward to new David Tennant projects.....and that, makes me smile. If you are not familiar with his work, I HIGHLY recommend you do a search on him.....for he is one of THE best actors of this generation, worldwide.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Barbie Loves Mac Inspired Nails

Barbie Loves Mac 


Sally Hansen's Double Life Base & Top Coat
KleanColor Nail Lacquer in - Barbie Pink
RIMMEL Vinal Shine in - Pulsating
KelanColor Nail Lacquer in - Black
L.A. Colors Art Deco in - Bright Pink
L.A. Colors Art Deco in - Baby Pink
Hurricane Nail Art Polish in - Black
Dotting Tools ( small & medium head )

REVIEW: Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure Collection

Sally Hansen has come out with a new collection.  Complete Salon Manicure. It claims to have all 5 steps, in one simple bottle.

Base Coat
Growth Treatment
Top Coat

Sounds too good to be true?? Well let's take a better look.

So here's a brochure I picked up from my local Walgreen's, there are 28 colors total in the new line. Retailing for on average for $7.99, these seem like a pretty good deal. I think the color selection is great. Polish formula is very similar to the Insta-Dry collection. something else that is the same; the flat tapered brush.

Many people are intimidated by this brush, and all I can say is, don't be. The large flat brush covers more nail space, equaling a quicker paint job and the tapered tip ensures you getting around the nail bed with ease.They go on easily and most with only a single coat.  Now, most of the time, i wear artificial nails, so it's difficult to test the durability of polishes, since they wear differently on real nails. So I had my gf try them out on her natural nails and for her to tell me her thoughts at the end of the week.. On her left hand, she wore 2 coats of polish and nothing else, on her right hand she wore 2 coats in addition to a top coat (Seche Vite). After 5 days of wear, her right hand was still in pretty good shape with only some very minor chipping. On the left hand, however, she had severe chipping and some peeling.
Would I re-buy these? Personally, yes. I'm loving the colors and the polish is great on artificial nails. But natural nail girls beware.....touch-ups will be in your future when using these polishes!
Here are 3 of the colors I picked up from Target.

"Gilty Pleasures"
This is a really unique burnished gold

"Thinking Of Blue"
A classic navy and a great dupe for China Glaze's "Bermuda Breakaway"

"Commander In Chic"
This is the fall "it" color. A great dusty gray-brown with a hint of lavender. It comes close to the infamous "Metro Chic" by O.P.I. by Sephora

So, while Sally Hansen makes a great claim on these polishes and they have a great color selection, the wear & tear on these polishes aren't great. My recommendation to you is if you pick up any of these polishes, wear a good base & top coat.  I give then 3 stars out of 5.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Sneek Peak of "Clash Of The Titans"

 A new sneek peak of the remake of the 1981 classic movie. due to be released in 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

AVATAR Inspired Nail Tutorial


Sally Hansen's Double Life Base & Top Coat
KleanColor Nail Lacquer in - Sapphire
Avalon Nail Polish in - White
So Easy Stripe Rite Nail Art Polish in - Metallic Blue
Hurricane Nail Art Polish in - Sky Blue
L.A. Colors Art Deco in - Blue Glitter
Dotting Tool

"Heavy Metal"


Sally Hansen's Double Life Base & Top Coat
Ulta Nail Lacquer in - Silver Lining
Wet-n-Wild Nail Craze in - #233 Rustic
Hurricane Nail Art Polish in - Silver Glitter & Copper Glitter
Art Club Nail Art Gold Flakes
Loew Cornell 245B Brush
Dotting Tool

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's Coming Up In The New Year...

New designs, that's what's coming up!! I've got many, MANY new nail designs instore for you. Some, I've already tried, some are my personal favorites and some I'll be trying out for the first time, all in upcoming tutorials. Some will be simple, some will be more detailed, but ALL will be fun to try and play around with. I encourage everyone to try them, but I ask only one thing in return. I WANNA SEE! So, please, either send me pics of any of my designs you've tried out OR make a video response to any of my videos you've done. Nothing would make me happier. Nail art is a fun and creative way of expressing who you are. Don't be afraid to try new things!
xoxoxo - Dolly


"Heavy Metal"
"AVATAR" - inspired
"Purple Petals"
"Barbie Loves Mac" - inspired
"Windows" - inspired
"Peace Out"
"Rock Star"
And several Valentine's inspired nails

I'm so excited to get these new designs out to you, and there is so much more to come!! As always, if you have any questions or requests, please don't hesitate! Also, if you'd like me to review any nail products or to try out new nail colors or nail collections, please just let me know. You can contact me via YouTube OR you can e-mail me directly at