Monday, November 26, 2012

A Whole Lottta Awesomeness!

With the holiday season upon us,
like so many others I've been swamped with
holiday cooking, shopping etc.

So I never did anything special for my nails for
Thanksgiving :( OH, THE HORROR!

So to make up for it, I decided to knock it out of the park,
holo style! 


This look is acheived with 3 amazing colors and scotch tape!

I started with Layla Hologram Effect in  Ultra Violet as my base

Then Enchanted Polish in Awesomeness, which is one of 
the best purple holos ever!

And lastly  Gallery Colours in Purple Sparkle

If you love purple, this is a wicked combination to try!

It was a bit overcast outside so I wasn't able to 
capture the true vibrancy of this amazing combo, 
but here it is non the less