Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So, I've got this little obsession.....nope, not nail polish, though that would certainly qualify too.

I've got a serious thing for cocktail rings. 
Big, gaudy, bright, old, new...I really don't care, 
if it grabs my eye, I must have it. 
I've got a separate jewelry box, just for my rings.
I've lost count just how many there are. 

So, the kiddies are home from school this week 
and it has been pouring outside for 3 days straight.
I decided I needed a little brightness to lighten the cloudy day, 
and so I ended up making this rainbow flower cocktail ring.

Loved it so much, I kept going LOL, typical me.
I created a few more, and decided to put them up on the Etsy shop.
They are just TOO cute!
I want to keep these beauties so bad...but I have to remind myself that I can just make more! 
I can share my addiction!

(A - Wisteria   B - Coral Reef   C - Modern Girl   D - Rainbow)

Shrugs, there are worse things in life to be addicted to, right?


Misstania08 said...

Wow these are Super Cute !!!!! :-)

nihrida said...

That first one is sooooo Austin Powers! =)

Unknown said...

so lovely !!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I am getting one of these -you make one for me in Blue and Gold/Yellow???

I'm going on vacation Thursday for a week, but I really would loooooooove one when I get back. *hopeful grin*

I also am lemming B and C ~ to die for!


~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

Sure, Tiffani! You want just Blue and Gold?

Bree said...

So Cute! Are they adjustable??? I have the biggest fingers

♥ SailorWifey

Natita said...

OMG these are just amazing i love them i want them all!!!! too bad i dont have a credit card LOL

great job pleasee do moreeeee

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

Blue, Gold and White, I guess....that's awesome! Thank you so much! I'll be back late Wed. night - I'll contact you when I get back..

This is so cool!


TheBeatlesJpm4life said...

So cute you should sell them on your shop I would definitely buy A for my friend B for me and C for my mom

WizardsOfBling said...

OMG! Those are so cute! I like C.

WizardsOfBling said...

We love these! Could we get 1 "A- Wisteria" and 1 "C- Modern Girl"?

Your Etsy store said there was only 1 left :(


~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

@TheBeatlesJpm4life - I've added these rings to my Etsy store, so if you wish to by one for your Mom, they are available.

@Brittany(SailorWifey), yeah me too. The rings are adjustable, so if I can wear them so can you!

@April & Silvia(WizardsOfBling), I've added 3 more rings to my stock, so now you each can order one! And if you want different color combos, just let me know.

WizardsOfBling said...

Awesome, placed order, thanks! So excited!

~Sylvia & April

SailorWifey said...

Well I'll definitely be getting one of these. That will make two pieces from you? I can't wait until my bacon necklace arrives :)

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

@Sailor Wifey, the bacon necklace is on it's way! Hope you enjoy it, and if there is a different color combo you'd like for the ring, just let me know!

3D Nail Art said...

OMG! You are freakin amazing girl! =D