Friday, January 14, 2011

Mint/Tiffany Blue Comparison, featuring Justin Bieber's "My Lifesaver"

So I've started my quest early, 
as I'm on the hunt for the 8-pan shadow palettes from Wet n Wild.

I've got a local Harmon drug store that is 
always spot on when it comes to new releases, 
they are either exactly on schedule, or sometimes even early, 
so I decided to have a peek.

Alas, I didn't find them, but they did have the new 
The Justin Bieber inspired collection from Nicole by OPI

Bieber fever over here? 
Umm, no, not in a million years, but I did have a peek 
at the collection, and one color stood out to me.

My Lifesaver
Though I couldn't resist picking it up, 
I couldn't help but feel that maybe I have this color, 
or at least something very close.

So now that I've got it home, and I've had a chance 
to see what is in my collection,
let's do a side by side comparison.

Starting from the left

Essie -  Mint Green Apple
Orly -  Gumdrop
China Glaze -  For Audrey
Nicole by OPI - Justin Bieber's My Lifesaver
H & M - Bella's Choice

                      ( different angle, and slightly different lighting )

Starting with Essie's Mint Green Apple
they are all the same shade, each one just mildly 
darker than the previous,
you get to My Lifesaver 
All colors are blue base, while this one is green based.
I'm thrilled that I got this, it is such a classic 1950's mint green
it reminds me of MAC's Peppermint Patty
and I really wish I had it to compare to MyLifesaver
The application is fantastic as with most Nicole polishes.
the polish is smooth and dense, 
and I could have left it with a single coat, 
but out of habit, gave it two.
These polishes now have the same flat brush that 
Sally Hansen's newer polishes carry.

None of the other colors impressed me, 
but I'm sure that Bieber fans will gobble these
up regardless of the color.
I'm glad I snagged this one before they are all gone.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
xoxo ~ Dolly

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lisa Frank Inspired Series

So for everyone here, this is technically my 2nd inspired look.
For the followers on YT, it is my first.
I've done a total of 4 looks, but I have to say....I'd like to do more!

These are so fun, and so bright, 
not only does it make you think of 
but it also makes you think of Spring & Summer!
And while being buried under yet another foot of snow, I can't think of anything better to do right now, than dream of warmer days!
So this is a classic Lisa Frank rainbow,
with Barry M. famed crackle polish on top.
This little bottle of love is my new bestie!

Pretty much the entire collection inspired this look, 
as there is always a rainbow of some form in her pictures,
but mostly my inspiration came from Markie.

Yes, I know his name, 
because he was always my favorite growing up.
what can I say, I've got a thing for unicorns.

PRO Nail Systems Base Coat
Kleancolor in - Neon Pink
KleanColor in - Mango
Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in - Mellow Yello
Color Club in - Twiggie
Nina Ultra Pron in - Blue Blaze
Essence Color & Go in - Break Through
Barry M. Nail Effects Crackle Polish
INM "Looks Wet" Top Coat
For full tutorial on this look, 
please visit my YouTube channel

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Color Club Spring 2011 Collection, ALTER EGO

Here is your first look at Color Club's new Spring collection,


Alter Ego!

Color Club lets you create high-fashion looks for every identity with Alter Ego, their latest collection of diverse, long-lasting lacquers!

Alter Ego’s consists of 12 shades! Go incognito with our opaque shades or rendezvous in full view with our sheers of Alter Ego ‘LIGHTS’ and ‘DARKS’!
Alter Ego’s ‘Reveal Your Mystery Collection’ 7 piece salon pack includes Get a Clue, Revealed, Incognito, Secret Rendezvous, Sheer Disguise, and Give Me a Hint shades plus Milky White Base Coat. 
Their ‘Keep It Undercover Collection’ 7 piece salon pack includes Alter Ego, Secret Agent, Total Mystery, Alias, Ulterior Motive and Masquerading plus Vivid Top Coat.

HOLY SMOKES these are gorgeous!!
I can't wait to get my hands on these!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Haul - Jessie's Girl, Oke Doke

While preparing for the next snow storm to hit,
I wandered into a local RiteAid and found some goodies!

Jessie's Girl New High Intensity Nail Color
I had literally just read about these yesterday over at
and I couldn't believe I'd gotten so lucky to find them so quickly!
She has the entire collection if you'd like to take a look.

So here is the display

 There are a total of 18 shades, including one 
named after the famed YouTuber, JulieG713

While the creams didn't scream "buy me",
the shimmers were to die for!

I choose 3 Glee, Firefly, and Confetti
and the 4th color I picked was
Midori, just cause I'm a sucker for a pretty Green.

 Glee - This is a gorgeous Teal intense shimmer with a Gold undertone.
This is a real stunner, 
and the pictures don't do it justice. 
From what I hear, this is an exact dupe for
    Zoya's Charla
OPI's Catch Me In Your Net 
Orly's Haley’s Comet

I don't have any of those colors to do a side 
by side comparison,
but from what I have seen online, 
I'd have to say yes, this is pretty spot on, 
so if you missed out on those colors, 
I definitely recommend grabbing this one.

 Firefly - A dense Opal shimmer, this one is drool worthy. 
It stands well on it's one, and can also be a top coat for any other color. Think Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasures, but with a much finer glitter.

 Confetti - Another stunning color, in my opinion, the best of the lot. 
This color is VERY similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge's Scrangie
Only this has a much more intense shimmer.

Midori - Bright summer pearl Green. 
It's borderline neon, but not quite.
Not extremely unique, but like I said, 
I'm a sucker for Green's and I just couldn't 
seem to pass this one up.

This collection is amazing.  
The application, was smooth and flawless.
With every coat, the color and shimmer intensifies. 
This really is a appropriately named collection!
These retail for $ 2.99 each.

Right next to the Jessie's Girl Display was this one.

Hedy's Oke Doke Nail Color
Please forgive my crap-tastic photo on this display, 
in all my excitement, clearly I didn't focus LOL

This was just a 6 polish collection, 
and while the colors weren't extremely unique, 
the names were really cute.

Purple Nurple
Camo Loco
Hot Tomato
Steal This Teal 
Pink This

I picked up 2

Camo Loco - a classic Olive Green shimmer. This color reminds me of B.B. Couture's Iced Olive. Super pretty.

Steal This Teal - This color is in the same family as 
American Apparel's Peacock. That dusty blue/teal color, only 
this has a slight Gold shimmer to it.
I'm very happy with this color and looking forward 
to using it in a future design.

These were a little bit streaky, 
but nothing another coat wouldn't cure.
They retail for $ 1.99 each

Lastly, I headed to Dollar Tree, to see if I could luck 
out and find some Sally Hansen Prism polishes.
No luck on that.
But, I did find loads of L.A.Colors Art Deco nail strippers 
that I grabbed for prizes to an upcoming contest 
I'm going to be having on YT.

I also picked up this duo

Anti Freeze - Ha, what a great name. 
This is a Blue toned-Opalescent glitter in a Green jelly.
This is definitely more of a top coat, rather than wear alone.

Arctic Violet -  A rich plum pearl with fine Silver shimmer.
On it's own, meh.
But topped with Anti-Freeze,
turns this color into almost something holographic. 
Impressive for 1 buck.

Here it is unfocused. You can see how the light really grabs onto the blue-toned Opal glitter.

And here it is focused. 
This is with 1 coat of Arctic Violet, with 1 coat of Anti-Freeze on top.

OH, before I forget, I want to thank everyone for their input 
on the Lisa Frank mani this weekend.

Since everyone enjoyed it so much, 
I decided to do a Lisa Frank series, 
and the first tutorial will go up this Thursday, 
so stay tuned!

I am off to go buckle things down and wait out this blizzard!
Be sure to stay warm!