Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MAC - Surf Baby Inspired

The moment MAC released press photos of their latest collection,
Surf Baby, I was immediately inspired.
Pulling out some of the colors and of course the Hibiscus flower, 
this is the design I came up with.

PRO Nail Art Systems Base Coat
Petites Color Fever in - Creme Blue
L.A. Colors Art Deco in White & Yellow
KISS Brush On Nail Art in - Bikini Coral
Hurricane Nail Art Paint in - Magenta
Sally Hansen's Insta - Dri Top Coat

To see how I achieved this look,
please visit my YouTube page

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Love My......Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat

 I think that Sally Hansen's 
Insta-Dri top coat is one of the best, yet one of the most over-looked top coats available on the market today.

I, myself am guilty  for walking by this little gem on several occasions.

But, a few months back, fellow YouTuber Mary, aka Getting Nailed
did a test of several different top coats.
She tested the speed of dryness 
durability, and most importantly, the smudge proof test.

Don't know what I' referring to?
Let me give you an example.
Have you ever painted a nail design, 
and then wanting to seal in your hard work, you applied a top coat only to have it smear your work?

Oh yes, we've all been there.

With Mary's testing, she proved that Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri not only dried just as fast as some other main top coats such as Seche Ultra V & OPI Top Coat, but each and every application was smear-free.

And ever since then, it has become a staple in my daily nail life!
I still have a few other top coats lingering around, and if I'm applying just a single wash of color, but for all the designs I do, THIS
is the only top coat I'll ever use!

What's your favorite top coat?
Have you tried Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat before?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Mani

I've really been itching to do some 
designs playing with variations of Green,
and while playing around I did this gradient
look, which is the same as my design that I did ages ago on YouTube
in Orange & Yellow. 
It is also available on my shop.

I liked it so much, I decided it had to be my next weekend mani!
I'll definitely be playing around more with these colors,
I'm really loving them!