Friday, November 13, 2009



1 WEEK....

1 Week...that's 168 hours.....10,080 minutes until you....I....and the rest of the world will be sitting in theaters watching New Moon. It's been a very long year and sometimes it was really tough to wait, but I've had the pleasure of waiting with some of greatest people & the greatest fans I've ever known. From set pics & previews, to pics of Rob getting mauled in the street, we've traveled the road together and OH what a blast we have had. For all the amazing girls over at love you all and thank you for SO many laffs and drool worthy moments. I cannot wait for another ride with you for Eclipse & Breaking Dawn.(MMMMMMM leg hitch and biting pillows!) Our wait is finally over & I expect all of you to hold your promise and make this the BIGGEST box office hit of the year by seeing New Moon many, MANY times! And ladies.....please, DON'T forget to wear your Shamanties!

much love xoxoxoxo - TEAM PERV


Ahhhh, the long awaited trip. The one that you plan and plan for ages and then in a blink of an eye, it's over. Yep...said, but true. Taking my 2 kids to Disney was something I wanted to do for so long, but just couldn't scrape of the cash. Just as well I soon came to find out. Selma, 9 and Nick 5 could only handle just so much before the pooped out. But the great kids they are complained very little.....though Nick kept moaning about water rides. Really? It's Florida and 90 degrees and you don't want to go on a water ride? * Rolls eyes * Ahh the joy of parenthood. All in all DisneyWorld was wonderful. There were some changes since I'd last been ( 11 yrs. ago )Park Hoppers are a must if you plan to hit all the parks. And we hit a park each day. The highlight of the trip was Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. This special event starts after the park closes, followed by a series of Disney goodies like Trick-or-Treating, a Halloween themed parade and an amazing villian/Halloween themed fireworks show. Tickets cost extra, but if you plan on visiting in October and have kids, I highly recommend going. Disney never fails to disappoint. We hope to return soon...and this time expand our horizons to include SeaWorld & Universal Studios.