Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Harry Potter! - Ravenclaw

Who is a Harry Potter fan??
Are you as excited for the Deathly Hallows to come, out as I am?

I've got mixed feelings about it,...on the one hand I'm thrilled that the movie is coming out,  but on the other, I'm sad, because it really sucks that it is coming to an end :(

Anyways, I really cannot tell you how many requests for Harry Potter nails I've received over the past several months as the film has drawn closer.
And so now that it is here, I'll be doing inspired looks for each of the Hogwart houses.
First up is Ravenclaw

Pro Nail Systems Base Coat
PURE Ice in - French Kiss
Wet n Wild Color Craze in - Shield
Nail Art Sripers in - White, Bronze, Black, Light Blue, & Blue Glitter
Fine Art Brush
Dotting Tool
Sally's Beauty Secrets Top Coat

Well known Ravenclaw's:

Cho Chang

For full tutorial on this look, as well as the others in this series,
please visit my YouTube channel,


Kassidy said...

I'm so excited for it! I'm planning on going to the midnight premier with my mom ^_^

I honestly cannot wait to see the inspirational look for Slytherin!

And this look is absolutely beautiful! I might try one of these out myself :D

Trincess said...

I am a hardcore Harry Potter fan, but I only care for the books. I can't stand how they ruin every single detail in the movies, it's so Hollywood. I know I'm gonna watch it, anyway.
That Ravenclaw mani is awesome!

nail crazy said...

Great mani...I'm fan of Harry Potter and I can hardly wait for the movie to come in nearest cinema :-)

myclumsyheart said...

Love the Ravenclaw mani! Can't wait to see your Gryffindor one.

I'm also really excited for the movie next week! I need to buy my midnight showing ticket ASAP!!

Enamel Girl said...

i knew you'd have some amazing nails to go with the book!

aradiasblog said...

I am and omg i just cant wait!!!!

Kimmie said...

I am just getting started and would love for everyone to check out my new blog!

april brooks said...

So well done! Great job and very creative.

Crazy For Polishes said...

I love Harry Potter and I love love love your design. It's so creative.
I have something similar to this that i havent posted yet. mine is not even close to yours. the way you matched it with Ravenclaw is quiet amazing:)

Akuma Kanji said...

After the last film of Harry Potter I couldn't help but just feel so excited for this one... lets be honest, The Half Blooded Prince was just so bad!!! I've seen the trailers of Deadly Hollows and I'm confident again ;) Loved the manicure!!!!!

Arie said...

Oh no! I haven't finishing reading all the books ^_^.
Awesome mani!

Rory said...

I can't wait for the movie either! It is coming out on my birthday!! I've been scheming about how to do the Gryfindor Lion, but I think it is a bit out of my league. :(

Pretty said...

amazing mani! i want to see the moviei as well. the movies are addicting..i love magical worlds!

ArtisticNailArt said...

I'm also really exited for the new movie! I love Harry Potter. The books and movies are just great!
Btw gorgeous design! :D

Nail Talez said...

Those freakin rock! Great job! I'm so excited. Well, at least it's only part 1. But, I'm sad it's over. It's one of my favorite series ever. I just re-read the book.

Unknown said...

I think I like this one the best! :)

ThRiSzHa said...