Thursday, November 8, 2012

Holy Holo Fishnets, Batman!

I LOVE holographic polishes, I mean, who doesnt, right?
But seriously, I'm borderline obsessed with having them all,
so naturally when Color Club announced their 
Halo Hues collection, I was all over that!

The overall intensity of this collection is really awesome and 
the first shade to stick out for me was
Halo-graphic, a gorgeous soft pink.

So I decided to grab for it with this weeks mani.

As my base I used China Glaze in QT, from another
great holo collection, OMG collection.
Then I sponged down the center of each nail with Color Club's Halo-graphic.

I then topped it off with a fishnet stamp from the X-large Cheeky stamping plate B and, 


China Glaze QT and Color Cub Halo-graphic 

 I'm seriously in love with my fingers right now.



Pony said...

Oh, that looks awesome! :D

Jû rockornot said...

So beautiful!
I love it!

Jessica Heasley said...

Beautiful!! I wish I could stamp!!

ar†ificial said...

this looks amazing!