Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Inglot Haul

Here is my latest haul from Inglot.
If you are not familiar, Inglot is a cosmetic company based out of Poland,
that is quickly rising in the ranks to be known
as one of the top makeup brands. 

I'll admit, I'm completely obsessed and my 
Inglot collection is growing larger and larger by the day.
The quality, lasting ability, and pigmentation far 
surpasses anything I've ever previously owned,
and I am always thrilled to death to get my hands on new goodies from them.

These are loose shadows that can be placed into
Inglot's "Freedom System" palettes. I do own a couple of them,
but I much prefer to place them in my Z palettes. 

The fantastic thing about buying these particular 
loose shadows are,
they have 2.7 grams of product compared to a 
standard MAC shadow at 1.5 grams.
and they are only $5.oo each! 
There is no need to de-pot them either, which for me is great,
because I always have a 
tendency to nick my shadows.

 You can purchase the single shadows in their case, 
which are $12.oo each.
My only complaint with Inglot is nothing has names, 
they are all numbered, 
so at times, it can be a little difficult to keep track of.

Here are they swatched, with no base

Like the shadows, the lipsticks also apply like a dream,
and last for ages.

Each one has a light scent, not over-powering,
but if you are sensitive to smells, be noted that they are scented.

#106, the Coral cream has a very light fruity smell,
while #413 has a light floral smell, very pleasant.
I think the scents go by finish, as apposed to shade, 
as I own a few Mattes, and they all have the same
light floral smell, #106 being my first cream, smells fruity.

Here are a few eye looks, created with these latest colors

Inglot AMC #30 as base, with MAC's Copperplate in crease

Inglot #322 on lid, #392 in crease, with #377 in outer V

#379 on lid, a blend of #334 & #392 in the crease, 
with a blend of #320 & #377 in the outer V

Haven't tried Inglot yet, but are considering it?

I HIGHLY recommend you run, not walk to your nearest Inglot
or for those that don't have an Inglot location to you,
you can order from their website as well. 


Brigitte Honeybee said...

im hearing about this brand everywhere! i might need to try them when i come into some money!

those colours are so pretty and the looks are vibrant

BreezeyBee Blog

Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

I'm extremely interested in Inglot products, they have just opened two store in my country (Italy, in Milan and Rome).
I was in Milan last sunday but - of course! - their shop was closed. :(
I'm afraid I will wait for a loooong time before I can have Inglot eyeshadows in my hands.
Anyway, I love the products shown in your post, expecially the coral lipstick!

Unknown said...

They are really pigmented!!
I love hte fact that you can make your own palette!
I love the looks you made!

WitchHazel said...

They're here in Vegas.. I've been dying to add some Inglot to my collection so I'm going to splurge a little for my birthday in a couple of weeks.. can't wait! Awesome haul!

Cari said...

inglot cant wait to try....glad that now you can purchase online but nothing like seeing them in person


Istituto Marangoni said...

New York University
nice post, thanks for sharing...