Friday, January 14, 2011

Mint/Tiffany Blue Comparison, featuring Justin Bieber's "My Lifesaver"

So I've started my quest early, 
as I'm on the hunt for the 8-pan shadow palettes from Wet n Wild.

I've got a local Harmon drug store that is 
always spot on when it comes to new releases, 
they are either exactly on schedule, or sometimes even early, 
so I decided to have a peek.

Alas, I didn't find them, but they did have the new 
The Justin Bieber inspired collection from Nicole by OPI

Bieber fever over here? 
Umm, no, not in a million years, but I did have a peek 
at the collection, and one color stood out to me.

My Lifesaver
Though I couldn't resist picking it up, 
I couldn't help but feel that maybe I have this color, 
or at least something very close.

So now that I've got it home, and I've had a chance 
to see what is in my collection,
let's do a side by side comparison.

Starting from the left

Essie -  Mint Green Apple
Orly -  Gumdrop
China Glaze -  For Audrey
Nicole by OPI - Justin Bieber's My Lifesaver
H & M - Bella's Choice

                      ( different angle, and slightly different lighting )

Starting with Essie's Mint Green Apple
they are all the same shade, each one just mildly 
darker than the previous,
you get to My Lifesaver 
All colors are blue base, while this one is green based.
I'm thrilled that I got this, it is such a classic 1950's mint green
it reminds me of MAC's Peppermint Patty
and I really wish I had it to compare to MyLifesaver
The application is fantastic as with most Nicole polishes.
the polish is smooth and dense, 
and I could have left it with a single coat, 
but out of habit, gave it two.
These polishes now have the same flat brush that 
Sally Hansen's newer polishes carry.

None of the other colors impressed me, 
but I'm sure that Bieber fans will gobble these
up regardless of the color.
I'm glad I snagged this one before they are all gone.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
xoxo ~ Dolly


imobsessedwithnails said...

!@#$%^&**!!!!! I knew it was only a matter of hours or days before the Bieb NP started showing up on my dashboard! I want these soooo bad and they are sold out everywhere!!! You are lucky!

Unknown said...

I want to thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is amazing I love it and will be visiting often so don't get tired of me. Lol!

Thank you so much for the comparisons. I did pic up MyLifesaver and I do have MAC's Peppermint pattie. From bottle they are not dupes PP is much more greener then Mylifesaver.

I don't have it but I'm wondering could Nicole's P's & q's be a dupe to Mylifesaver...Hmm :D

Alex said...

I have a really similar color from elf but it sucks because you have to put on like 4 coats...

Christine said...

I'm waiting for those WnW 8pan palettes too!!

I'm announcing it here when/where I find them: