Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting My Holo Fix

So a couple weeks back was my birthday,
and not only did I get some amazing gifts, 
but I was also lucky enough to get some cash too.
(You can never go wrong with the green stuff)

So I decided that rather than blowing my money on nonsense,
I would get some polishes to add to my collection.
But oh no, not just any polishes! 
Holographic/prismatic polishes that I have an obsession with.
These are highly coveted holo polishes.
I have been lemming for what seems like ages for these
and now they are mine!!

I paid an arm & a leg for these, 
but they are SO worth it!!

So yeah, I was one of the poor saps that saw 
the China Glaze OMG collection and thought,
" Do I really need anymore polish?, Nah, I won't get them"
Yeah, I know, stupid move, because they sold out, 
and then I realized, I MUST HAVE THESE!
I've been lucky enough to find a couple here and there, 
but 2 in particular I couldn't find except for E-bay.
So I splurged and grabbed QT and LOL

QT is a Fuschia holo.
The one thing I can say about the OMG collection
that you can't say about many others and that is, they look
BETTER on the nail than in the bottle.
Pure. Pink Love.

LOL is a deep Purple holo.
I was surprised to see the color, most swatches I've seen
portrayed the shade of Purple to be much brighter.
Still, this an AMAZING shade, and I am not
disappointed in the slightest.
Again, the vibrancy of the holo once it's swatched is really striking.

Next, I picked up My Private Jet.
I'm sure most of you polish lovers know that OPI has 
reformulated this shade for reasons I cannot understand. 
As I know, the older formulation had a much more vibrant holo.

My Private Jet is a blackened-Brown with a subtle holo.
Though I am bummed about this being the new formula,
as apposed to the old one, 
I'm still happy to have it as part of my collection.

Lastly, I went for the OPI Designer Series collection
I'm pretty open about my general distaste for OPI.
I think they are extremely over-hyped, and over priced
for a polish formula that is just MEH to me.
( Sorry to all you OPI lovers!)
But, with that being said, they do from time to time
hit the mark with a certain color, 
or in this case, and entire collection.

I picked up DS Coronation, frankly because 
I am obsessed with finding the perfect, "in your face" Silver holo.
While it missed the mark in that department, 
it is still vibrant enough that I'm happy to add it to my collection.
From what I am told, Nfu-Oh #61 seems to be the
kick-ass Silver holo I am looking for, but it is sold out.
Incidentally, if you are looking for a dupe for this shade,
try Milani's 3D Holographic polish in HD.
While swatching Coronation, I placed it on my color wheel
next o HD and it was virtually identical.

And lastly, the final polish I picked up was
DS Glamour.
This is one shade that is completely 
worth the hype & every dime I paid.
If my house was burning down, this is one of the 
things I'd run back into the flames for. 
This polish is so drool-worthy, I haven't even brought myself
to put it away, it's just sitting on my desk, 
making me smile each time I lay eyes on it.

Here are swatches.

So what is your favorite holographic/prismatic polish??
What polishes are must haves that you would recommend?


rebecca said...

I swatched Coronation and HD a few days ago when I had some sun! So identical.
Super jealous of your OMG's, by the way.

Rory said...

Wow! Your scored big. I can't wait to see these on your pretty!

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks really great! I'm jealous! If you don't already have it, I would also recommend DV8 from the OMG collection. :)

Megan Harmeyer said...

I love the entire OMG collection but, specifically, I NEED DV8! QT is pretty, too. And MPJ. You got some good ones!

FOREVER '92 said...

hmmm I don't own any holo nail polish.. I'm kinda boring when it comes to nail polish. I should get me one, it seems like a MUST for a nail polish collector
I really like that OPI - My Private Jet (:

Hope you had a great birthday!

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

You totally cracked me up with Glamour. XD

Can't wait to see you swatches.