Monday, May 9, 2011

I Love My.......a new weekly series

I hope you will enjoy the new weekly series that I am starting!

It's called, 
I Love My...

Every Monday a new post will go up about a product
that I am loving for the week.
Generally, you can expect it to be beauty related,
but I will certainly not limit myself to just that,
so you can expect it can be anything!

I think this is a great way to get some really 
good products introduced to you, that you may 
not have heard of, or perhaps have, but have yet to try
while also letting me rave about the things that
are my holy grail goodies & absolutely love!!

So today, for the 1st edition of 
I Love My......

This palette was created by a 
makeup artist and has been on the market for a couple of years.
If you are a makeup junky like myself, 
then I am sure you have heard of this palette, 
either through countless YouTube reviews 
or from many beauty bloggers.

I personally have a very eclectic array of makeup,
which I think is a pretty common thing.
I don't like to have individual shadows, 
blushes, just floating around.
I like to keep everything in palettes, and I've got several.
What makes this particular palette unique is two things

#1 - It has a magnetic base with no fillers.
What do I mean when I say no fillers? 
Let me give you an example...

On the upper left is a standard MAC palette, 
notice that it has the empty slots for the shadows to go? 
The Z-Palette does not (bottom right) 
It has an empty space allowing you to put small round shadows,
large, square, you name it. 
Can you remove the filler out of the MAC palette 
to give you more room? Absolutely!
But let me tell you the 2nd unique feature to this palette.

#2 - It has a clear plastic top.
For me, this is what sold me on the palette.
No more guessing what colors are in each palette, 
you can simply see for yourself.

Z-Palettes come in 2 sizes, large and small.
This is the large palette which retails for $20.oo
the small $14.00.
They also come in a couple of different colors and patterns.

It can hold 28 standard MAC shadows, 
or 14 larger shadows, such as Makeup For Ever

Of course, you can place a wide assortment of shadows, 
large and small, like my palette here.
The palette is made of a very strong and sturdy 
cardboard with a magnet base for all your 
shadows to adhere to as well as a magnetic 
cover to securely close the palette.

Labeling is pretty simple as well.
Normally I'd just mark the bottom of the shadows themselves,
but since the magnet is so strong in the palette,
rather then trying to pull the color out, I've 
simply made a print out of the shades & brands
for any future reference.

This is currently the only palette I have, 
but I plan to buy more and convert 
most of my collection into Z-Palettes!

Have you heard of the Z-Palette before?
Do you own any?
Do you love them as much as I do?


Vilcis said...

I've been wanting these palettes forever. I have lots of neutral shadows and lots of purple ones, and I would like to keep them together. Maybe it's time to buy two of them. I've finished my last proyect 10 hit-pan, so I can spend money on beauty. Nail polish are never in that proyect, I cannot stop buying them.

Unknown said...

Looks really cool!
What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

How sweet, I loved it.
You have good taste.

Fallow me


Vilcis said...

Ok, now I have to tell you that I bought two of them, one in zebra (for my purples) and one in leopard (for my neutrals and blacks). I love them.