Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Halloween Polish Comparison

With Fall quickly approaching,
I literally become a giddy 4 year old 
when I start to see Halloween costumes and decorations 
in the stores. 
I LOVE Halloween, obsessed with it really.
So naturally when I see a new Halloween 
polish, I MUST grab it.
Here is a little comparison to my most prized Halloween polishes.
Probably the most recognized polish, 
and certainly one of the most coveted is
China Glaze's Fortune Teller.
This little gem came out with CG's 
Halloween collection from 2009

A Black jelly base with burnt Orange hexagon glitter,
ranging from small, to medium, to large. 
The great thing about this particular polish is that you can paint 1-2 coats, and you've got a really solid looking nail. 
Layer on top of Black, and it gives you an even richer, more intense look.

This polish is a must-have for any collector, 
and certainly if you are a Halloween lover like myself. 

Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Pumpkin Spice

This is from Sally's latest collection for this Fall.
It could be a limited edition, but don't quote me on that.

This is a grey jelly with burnt Orange Glitter, all one
 size tiny hexagon glitter to be exact. Because of that, 
it doesn't have quite as much dimension as Fortune Teller does.

Unless you want to be a layer monster, you are
definitely going to need a Black base first as this is the thinnest
of all the other polishes.

L.A. Girls Glitter Addict in Flamboyant

Unlike the other polishes, this is a clear jelly base, 
and the Orange is more vibrant than the others.
But boy, oh boy, does it pack a punch.
I bought several of these polishes recently, and all of them will be in an upcoming haul, but I wanted to include this one, since
Halloween is primarily why I bought this shade.
Glitter Addict couldn't be a more perfect name for this, 
it is  completely LOADED with small and large 
Orange hexagon glitter. 
This can be worn alone, it's that intense.
Or layer it over Black, and you have one serious
Halloween mani.

Wet n Wild Limited Edition Color-icon in Sleep Walker

Not many people were fortunate to pick up this polish,
as it was a limited edition shade 
 from last year's Halloween collection.
I randomly stumbled upon it, so I snatched while I could.
This is extremely similar to Sally Hansen's Pumpkin Spice
It's a grey jelly base with tiny hexagon glitter, these
are just a fraction smaller than the glitter in the Sally Hansen one.
The end is result is a more blended effect, where as the Sally Hansen
Pumpkin Spice glitter tends to stand out more.

Lastly we have China Glaze's Ick-A-Body 
which is from last years Halloween collection.

Again, this is in the same grey jelly base, but the
burnt Orange glitter is so densely packed in this polish, 
it is practically opaque in a single coat.

If you are looking for a little peek a boo of black, you best go
pretty light handed with this one, otherwise I'd recommend on of the others to achieve that perfect Halloween mani.

While all of these give the basic same "Halloweenie" effect, 
each one brings something different & special to the table.

I love them all, 
and I'm looking forward to see what other new ones come out this year.

Here are some swatches
All were swatched over a single coat of Black

(Starting from left to right)

China Glaze in Ick - A - Body

Wet n Wild Color-icon in Sleep Walker

L.A.Girls Glitter Addict in - Flamboyant

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in - Pumpkin Spice

China Glaze in - Fortune Teller

A closer look

(Left to right)

L.A.Girls Glitter Addict - Flamboyant

Sally Hansen - Pumpkin Spice

China Glaze - Fortune Teller

China Glaze - Ick-a-body

Wet n Wild Color-icon - Sleep Walker


Unknown said...

They're all great for halloween!
But they aren't similar!

JQ said...

I love orange glitter! Flamboyant over the black is a real winner for me! And Ick-a-body is one I wanted soo bad! Thanks for the pics!

Maia P said...

I like the L.A. Girls one ^^

Unknown said...

oh wow i love this collection x

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nice post, thanks for sharing....