Monday, January 23, 2012

Deco Polish Racks

My ever-growing polish collection is,
ever-growing me out of my house!!

I've been in the market for a while to try and find
some unique wall mounted racks to not only store my polishes 
out of the way,
but to also keep them visible, 
because, after all
each one has a special place in my heart,
and I want to be able to see them!

That's when I discovered Deco Polish Racks

In passing I made a comment on YouTube about how 
much I loved these and were lemming for them,
and the owner, Nicki Brown contacted me
and asked if I wanted one to try out.
Ummm DUH! Hell yes!

These racks differ from the regular ones you see around,
 these come in a variety of colors and shapes
to suit any girls fancy.
They are made of a heavy, durable acrylic.

How cute are these?

And I love how they have both 60 bottle racks
and 90 bottles racks, for the over-indulger like myself.

Depending on the brand of polish, 
the 60 bottle rack can hold anywhere between 55-65 polishes,
while the 90 bottle rack can hold 85-95 polishes.


I've not mounted mine yet, because
as some of you might know, I'm currently in the
market to buy a new house.
But let me tell you, when I get settled,
I'm going to have SEVERAL Deco Racks hanging  
in my workstation/office and I just cannot wait!

If you are looking for some good quality racks
to display your little bottles of love, 
then I definitely recommend you checking out
Deco Racks.


안젤린 said...

OMG!!.. It's hard to find that kind of nail polish racks here in Malaysia..My nail polishes keep growing too..I can't stop myself from buying all of them..

I'm your new follower..I love your blog..^_^..

n said...

Nice! Maybe I'll be able to afford of few of these some day. I'd put them on my wall. ^-^

Anonymous said...

This is great! I'm actually looking for a nail polish rack :)

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