Monday, July 9, 2012

My Latest Collection

For those that don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter,
I wanted to share my latest collection,
Super Mario Bros. Collection.

This collection hass been in the works for several months now, 
and I'm very proud to finally be able to share with all of you!

The collection consists of 8 shades, and has a mixture of both
metallic & matte glitters. 

It's A Me, Mario!
(re-release with the collection)

GO Luigi!

The Koopa King

A Peach Princess
(Princess Peach)

(1-up green & white mushroom)

Toad-ally Awesome

Dino-mite Yoshi

Wicked Wario

Exact release date has not been determined yet, but it
should be within the next 1-2 weeks on my shop, Dollish Polish.
And, yes! This collection will be available on Llarowe as well! 


Unknown said...

Looks so cool!!
Go Luigi and and a peach princess are my favorite!!

Mrs Karolina Duda said...

Absolutely wicked! Well done doll!

Kimberley said...

Those look gorgeous!

Zayra Giselle said...

I have told you before that i can't wait for this collection to be out...i cannot contain my excitement for soon as they are available as a set i will buy them :) <3333

Natalie said...

I really like A Peachy Princess and Wicked Wario.:-)

Amelia said...

wow, well done sweetheart, you really outdid yourself this time !! mwah xx

Jennifer [littlejsnailcorner] said...

Loving this collection! 1 up is definitely my favorite!

Debra said...

My 6 yr old son and I are admiring this collection.. and a text has been sent to my partner telling him that we need it. :oD Reinforcements!

Lolomus said...

Oh my, this is so great! I totally wanna get them all! >w<
I really love everyone of them! Please make a post when you can buy them! :D

Lolomus ~

Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

holy moly these are all incredible!

Anonymous said...

Sega DOES what NintenDON'T!

Grape Fizz Nails said...

Oh my word, these are fabulous! My fave is Dino-Mite Yoshi! Genious :) said...

Awesome post dear :)

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