Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nancy's Birthday - Whimsical Ideas By Pam

The first polish that I ever saw from Whimsical Ideas By Pam, 
was Suess. When I did, I quickly tracked her down to her Facebook page
where I then proceeded to fall in love with every single one of her polishes. 
And though my wallet didn't approve of me getting them all,
I did settle on 5 of them.

Peanut Butter & Jelly
Saturday Morning Cartoons
Kismet's Pajamas
Nancy's Birthday

I'm thrilled with them all, and her labels & little bows on her bottles are 
completely adorable! 

First up is Nancy's Birthday

Nancy's Birthday is a creamy sheer bubblegum Pink, loaded with a
variety of mulit-colored & sized hexagons.


MMMMM Pink glitter sandwich!
If you are a Pink lover, this is a must-have.

This is 1 coat of Nancy's Birthday over China Glaze Dance Baby
The application was a breeze! 
SO pretty! 

Pam's polishes retail for $10. each and can be purchased through 
her Facebook page here.


Red said...

Great post!! Just when I'd talked myself out of needing this, you lure me back in. If wanting all of YOUR polishes isn't bad enough, you're enabling me for others, too! Le Sigh!! ;o)

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

LOL @ Red I know!! There are just too many gems out there!

Essie Rae said...

I LOVE her polishes. I just got Suess and Hatched and can't wait to wear them!!!

Kimberley said...

Very cute polish!

Unknown said...

sorry but i think this shade of pink makes your fingers look dark. :( ❤

jazzqueen64 said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous, love it!

Heart Balter said...

Hi there! I recently started following your blog, and yesterday I started my own. It would be awesome if you'd check it out and give a few tips.



This polish is so pretty, it reminds me a bit of deborah lippmann candy shop.T

Essie Rae said...

Love this!

Priscilla said...

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