Monday, August 2, 2010


HelloFizzy, a YT subscriber, requested I do Kool-Aid themed nails. 
These were super fun and invoked alot of childhood memories for me.

PRO Nail Systems Base Coat
Color Club in - Factory Girl
MAX6ix in - Sky Blue
N.Y.C. Nail Glossies in - Candy Apple Red
L.A.Colors in - Black
Migi Nail Art Pens Blue and White
FIMO Fruit Slices
Seche Vite Top Coat

And because I am older than dirt....
I thought I'd share one of the first Kool-Aid commercials 
that I remember as a kid.


ThRiSzHa said...

wow!! so creative.. im wanting cool aid

Dainty Darling Digits said...

Love the use of fimo slices, these are so much fun.

Enamel Girl said...

oh my gosh. that is too cute! i remember when teens would use kool-aid to dye their hair, lol.

Unknown said...

THIS is awesome! I love it!

Nail Talez said...

lol too much fun! Love it! I just bought some fimo slices for the first time this weekend. Will try to play with them soon.

milan and vanaily said...

So yummy!

nom nom nom

Laynie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! These are so cute that I've giggled myself senseless!! I'm not even kidding, that is just too darn adorable for words! The red is perfect, and it's the KOOL AID MAN!!

I'm giggling so hard I've got my husband muttering because I'm waking him up, and I can't even stop! The little fruit slices are perfect too, it just came together perfectly!