Monday, September 6, 2010


All girls have their little obsessions. 
And when I say obsessions, I mean that one "thing" that you just always have to have...that "thing", that when you see it, your heart goes a-flutter and you start to salivate.
Don't lie, you know you do!

For some, it may be shoes....
for some it may be makeup, 
and of course let's not forget nail polish!

But I'll admit here proudly, that I've got a serious "thing"
for handbags.
Purses, pocketbooks, whatever you want to call them, I MUST have them. 
They call to me, begging me to take them home!

While wandering around on, BetterAfter 
they were having an annoucement for their latest sponsor,

If you aren't familiar with Pursenickety, then you are seriously missing out!
They offer an amazing selection of purses/handbags, that are ALL the latest fashions, straight from top designers and runways.

And on top of all that, they were also offering a special 30% coupon.

How was I to resist?

Yup, I didn't.

So here is the bag that I chose, I'm SO in love with it!


Marie Giraffe Print Spy Bag, inspired by FENDI
Very well made, and with oodles of compartments

And I just love the handles!

If you are a bag slut like me, LOL, you MUST check out Pursenickety, but make sure you bring a bib, because there are countless bags to drool over.

And speaking of bags, while thrifting the other day, 
I found this little gem.

This GORGEOUS  Kathy Van Zeeland bag

This baby retails for $ 95. but I got it for 5 bucks!!
I really haven't a clue why I got so lucky finding it, or why anyone would give this to the goodwill,  the bag looks like it's never been used!
Their loss, MY gain! :D

I just love the little bobbles she always has on her bags.
So cute, these two bags, plus a couple of others will keep me smiling right through Fall!


Pinkhair said...

Oh wow i just love KVZ bags..your so going to have a look npw..thanks for the link xx

Erin said...


I love Kathy bags! They're easy to find where I live, too, which is nice. There's a secondhand shop here that sells designer handbags at a fraction of the cost, and I loooove going there. I have my eye on a Michael Kors next!

aoana said...

oh how much I love the pink one
is so beautiful !!

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

WOW $5 for KVZ purse! What a steal! It's so nice!

Miss Nikka -My Beauty Blog

disco said...

oh wow. that's an absolute steal! Well done you! =D

xo Mavy

Nail Talez said...

I hear ya....I have a really bad Coach addiction which is actually my hubby's fault. He started it!

Unknown said...

The Giraffe bag is awesome!

Mariant said...

Bonito blog,te sigo!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

loving both bags, but that first one is gorgeous!

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Leah said...

bringing you ideal fashion, in a cup ;)