Friday, June 17, 2011

Cherimoya 2012 Cracked Polish

For those of you that follow me on Facebook,
you know that the other day I stumbled across a wide line 
of crackle polishes by the brand Cherimoya.
I'd never heard of this brand before, 
but I was most excited to try them out.

They have a total of 24 shades of crackle polish.
Some, of course are similar to the popular colors
we are seeing now by so many different brands. 
BUT, they have tons of colors I've never seen before.
So I really couldn't resist.

The formula on these varies from color to color. 
Some went on smoothly with no issues, 
while others were either on the thick side, 
or some on the streaky side.
 The White being the worst of the bunch and the neons 
being the best that I picked up.
These polishes also have an extremely strong odor, 
so if you are sensitive, BEWARE!
I highly recommend you use them in a very
well ventilated area.

All of the colors I picked up, I swatched with a
White base, however, even with adding a top coat as a barrier,
2 shades stained the White while cracking.
Those 2 colors are Hades & Typhoon.
While I think it kind of gives a cool effect, 
if you are looking for a strong showing of the
base color with these 2, it's not going to happen.

Here's some swatches

(Starting from left to right)

Extraterrestrial, Hellos, Mercy Me, Sungod

Prayer, Immortal, Trinity, Virgin


Tomorrow, Savior, Typhoon

Hades, Mayan, Prophecy

Innocence, Sinner

I found these in a small local beauty supply shop,
so if you've got one near you, I say take a peek,
these may be there.
As for everyone else, they are available at and retail for $2.99 each.

I say if you are a crackle junkie, like myself, 
you should check these out, particularly the neons.

OH! I almost forgot!

Use the coupon code: THATI1
for BeautyJoint and receive 
5% your purchase of $20 or more!


Unknown said...

Ho my god!!
They really cool!
I love them!
Thanks for the discovery!

Brooke said...

How did I miss these on facebook?? Those neons are to die for!!! Must have those.

Cristina said...

I love the neons! ;) Great finding, Dolly!
Is this an American brand?

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

I forget to add that there is a coupon code for BeautyJoint!! I've posted it in the post now.

@ Cristina: I'm really not sure, I've tried to find some info but as of yet, I've come up empty-handed, but I'm guessing that no, they are not an American brand.

JQ said...

SMASHING! Want! <3 Thanks the pics!

Sally said...

Have you tried the neons over black? Oooo I want them!!

Kay said...

These are the first neon crackles I've seen. I like them!

nikita said...

I bought one of these at my local beauty supply store! You're right about the smell! OMG, it's horrible! Application is fine though I did find it a little thick. I added some thinner to it and it seems to be alright now.

Unknown said...

Oh Wow! must order the Neons. Thank you so much for sharing :)

pootadoot said...

i found the set of ALL 24 on for $32.00! with tax and shipping it only came out to $45.00! so if you want to own ALL 24 of these for around $1.50ea then this is the BEST deal! hope this helps! :)