Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kleancolor Haul

Last week, I finally received my goodies
from Kleancolor that I had placed a while back.
My local beauty supply shop carries a large selection
of Kleancolor, both their polishes
and cosmetics, but these
particular shades they didn't have to I decided to order them.
(starting from top left)

Sweet Orange, Dolly Girl, Holo Orange

Chunky Holo Teal, Chunky Holo Black, Chunky Holo Purple
Chunky Holo Teal
I wouldn't classify this polish as either chunky OR holo.
It is a Turquoise jelly base with fine Mylar glitter in it.
These are definitely best suited for a top coat
rather than a stand alone polish.
With a matching base, the Mylar glitter really pops.
The glitter has a duo chrome effect, changing from
 a pink-based Orange to Green.

Dolly Girl. A dense Purple glitter that isn't particularly unique,
but after Maria from Nails Made Simple  
informed me on Facebook of it's name, 
I knew I had to have it!
Chunky Holo Purple. Like the Chunky Holo Teal,
this isn't a bib wow just on it's own,
but layered over a vibrant purple really brings out
the Mylar glitter. Again, the shading is a
pinkish-orange duo chrome that changes to green.

Holo Orange. This is an Orange jelly, bordering on a cream 
with ultra fine holographic glitter. The effect is subtle,
but eye catching. The shade is very unique.

Sweet Orange. This is an apricot with a golden 
sheen to it. In the bottle it looks rather interesting,
but once swatched it loses some of it's luster.

Chunky Black Holo. This is the gem of all the polishes
I picked up. This is a brownish grey jelly and LOADED 
with multi-sized hexagon glitter.
As all the other chunky holos, this isn't much 
to brag about on it's own, but layered over a dark color,
and it screams beautiful at you!
The effect of this polish is very reminiscent of the 
Nfu-Oh flakie polishes, and I'd say is a must have 
for your collection.

As to be expected, the formula on all the holos
can be on the thick side, due to the abundance of glitter,
while the Sweet Orange formula, was slightly on the thin side.
I picked up 3 nail art stripers, merely to try them out.
The formula is hit or miss, though it's tough for me
to make a full judgement with just 3 shades.

Both Mango & Bikini Green's formula was extremely thin and runny,
the Pink Coral had a much smoother formula.

(brush and handle comparison to L.A. Colors Art Deco)

I did very much like the handle though. 
It is somewhat longer than most other stripers,
and it felt good in my hand, and I had better control
over the strokes. I may try a few more shades,
if no other reason then for the handle.

Lastly, I decided to try one of their Everlasting Lipsticks.
I am not a fan of Kleancolor makeup, I find that
most of the selection has a poor color pay-off 
and doesn't last, but the lipsticks was one of the few items
that I'd never tried.

I picked up Tea Rose, which s a cream finish, in a
dusty rose shade. I was extremely surprised to see
how rich and creamy this lipstick was. 
and it wore quite nicely throughout the day.

The shade is alot lighter when I wear it, 
I am not sure if it's just how it wears on me, 
or this is just how the lipstick is. Either way,
I'm so pleased with it, 
that I will definitely be purchasing more of these.

Everything from this haul was purchased from 
and can be found at the Kleancolor website.

The polishes retail for $3.49 each
The Nail to Toe stripers retail for $1.99 each
Everlasting Lipstick retails for $1.99 each


Nicole - Top To Toe said...

gorgeous flakies x

mysweetie924 said...

I actually picked up "Dolly Girl" at my flea market the last weekend. I love it.
Where can you find those lipsticks other than online? do they usually sell them at beauty supply stores?

Minty said...

Great haul! I love Chunky Holo Black, I have it and love it. Its one of the most unique colors in my collection.

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

@ Mysweetie924, the local beauty supply store, carries SO much Kleancolor, but some for some odd reason, no lipsticks. I've yet to see there anywhere else either other than online

Maria said...

that pink lip stick is fierce on u!

Unknown said...

Great haul!!
Love everything but I think the lipstick is too clear )=

WitchHazel said...

Dolly Girl and Chunky Black are MUST HAVES! They are so super pretty. Where do you order this brand from?

BeautyBehaved said...

amazing haul!
love those purples<3

NailsLikeLace said...

From your swatching it, I absolutely LOVE the Chunky Holo Black and plan on ordering it this week! Thanks! I have no Kleancolor as of yet, so I am excited to get that one.