Friday, December 9, 2011


In love with my latest polish purchase that is!!

I cannot tell you how long I've been lemming after 
these polishes, but I can say, it's been a longgggg time!

Ozotic is an Australian polish brand with 
some of the most stunning duo-chrome & multi-chrome polishes 
I've come across in a while. 
They aren't named, but rather they are numbered.

505 is a delicious green based teal multi-chrome that flashes 
to a gorgeous teal, blue, violet and purple. 

507 is a rich golden olive that flashes to green and blue/green. 
This polishis said to be quite similar to 
Chanel's Peridot polish, 
and while I don't own Peridot to compare if it is a dupe,
from the photos I've seen I can see a strong resemblance.

528 is from the Elytra collection and is a 
multi-chromatic glitter polish in a clear
jelly base, flashing blue, teal, violet and purple.

Here is 507 on my nails

Here are swatches of 505 & 528

The formula is superb on these, smooth a butter.
The only negative is their limited availability and their price,
which can vary from anywhere of $14 -$20 per bottle,
depending on where you purchase.

 Picture Polish carries the full line of Ozotic polishes,
for $12-$14 each
but they don't ship to the U.S. or Canada

llarowe also carries Ozotic polishes, as well as
several other more difficult to find brands.
Ozotic are $17.50 each
And they ship WORLDWIDE

suem427, from E-bay is a authorized U.S. seller
for Ozotic polishes, for $19 each

The bottom line is, where ever you can get your
hands on these incredible polishes, they are
completely worth your hard earned money. 
Every time I look at my nails, I swear I can hear
Carrie Bradshaw clearly in my head saying,
Hello Lover!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous ones!!
So beautiful!!

legiolinde said...

lovely, I'm in Australia and have a few of these polishes, however, I am pretty sure that Picture Polish do ship internationally! :)

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...
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~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

Thanks so much, yes they are amazing polishes!! I think that Picture Polish is having shipping issues, but at one point the did ship internationally. I've tried to purchase from them twice, but both times the shipping was restricted and would not send to the U.S. but perhaps they will again sometime in the future

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