Monday, December 5, 2011

YouTube Collaboration

As much as I love YouTube,
let's face it, there are some negative aspects for
anyone who regularly uploads videos.

"You talk too much"

"You sound so stupid"

"Your sloppy"
"You stole my design!"

"You suck" 

" Wow your makeup is bad"

"Your design looks just like "so-in-so's" design, you copied from her!"

...and the list could go on for hours.

So much negativity from people that probably never uploaded 
a video in their life.No one takes the time to 
appreciate all the time and effort that person has made
to make that video, for no other reason other than
its just something they have a passion for.
Ah, but I digress.

Robin Moses and ProfessionalDQ decided to
embrace the positive, by taking a stand together,
and celebrate the amazing and diverse talent in the
art community on YouTube by doing a massive Holiday collaboration.

Anyone in the YT art community, whether you are a painter,
or do makeup or nail videos, to all join together and support
each other in a positive way by making a
"Let It Snow" themed video, share it on YT, and then 
attach it to any other " Let It Snow" collab video.

Such an amazing idea, especially at this time of year,
when we have one too many Grinch's on our hands.

Anyway, here is my design from the
Let It Snow collaboration.

Today, December 5th,
anyone who would like to participate in
this massive collaboration of
friendship and comradery,
just has to create a design, upload a video for it,
and attach it to any other "Let It Snow" collaboration video
or simply show your support to
Robin, ProfessionalDQ, myself, and the countless others
in this amazing collab, by watching the videos, giving a
"thumbs up" and a positive comment

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

amazing nails xx

Lucys Stash said...

Very nice manicure, I like the colours and the design ;) Forget about the negative comments, jealous and stupid people are everywhere x

Unknown said...

A really great mani!!
I love it!
There is always people criticizing we'll never stop this I'm affraid )=

Enamel Girl said...

I saw this and thought it was a great idea! I just don't know how to upload videos (yet). I'm looking forward to the snow-shower of videos from the collaboration :)

Akuma Kanji said...

Christmas manicure! I love it ^__^

Unknown said...

Wow, beautiful!! I'm a new follower here, and I really like your blog! I hope you can check mine out also.

Have a great day!! =)

Beautiful Nails said...

Gorgeous! Just today I made manicure with snowflakes! :)

Anastacia said...

I really like ur entry! Such adorable mani!

WitchHazel said...

It's things like you mentioned that keep me from vlogging on YouTube. My boyfriend is always telling me that video reviews/posts/tutorials are things I should really add to my blog but to be honest, I just don't want any unnecessary negativity in my life. It's too bad that people don't follow the rule "If you don't have anything nice to say..."

Anonymous said...

Some people suck..I really love youre mani's and always looking forward to your new uploads....your Blog and YouTube video's tell me that you love what you do and that you put much effort in keep doing what you do inspire a lot of people :-)

Hugs from the Netherlands

prince said...

Play bazaar
satta king slow whiff from right outside of the glass.

Jennifer Lawrence said...

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