Monday, November 30, 2009

New Moon - A Review

Friday, November 20th, the LONG awaited day! My theater did not sell advance tickets, so at 9am, I stood online and proceeded to by tickets for 3 different shows. Ok, before you look at me like I'm nuts, my reasons are least they are in MY mind. It was SO very important for New Moon to blow the roof off the box offices sales for it's opening weekend. Not only to prove to all the Twilight-haters that we are not going away & we are a force to be reckoned with. 2nd, it was important to prove to Summit(the company response for making the Twilight Saga)that YES, this is a "cash cow". Normally, I wouldn't encourage that...I've got better things to spend my money on...but I, as well as millions of other Twilighters wanted to ensure that the 4th installment, Breaking Dawn is indeed made into a movie. So, one week later & New Moon has grossed 473.7 MILLION dollars worldwide. Summit, I think we've made our point....GIVE US BREAKING DAWN!! But I digress, back to the topic at hand. New Moon was utterly beautiful, & I cannot give enough praise to Chris Weitz. The man is a genius. I didn't fully absorb the movie until the 3rd time I watched it. Kristen & Taylor did an amazing job. GREAT performance's. I cannot say the same for Rob, since he was hardly in it. But truth be told, he can do no wrong in my book. He was beautiful and gut-wrenchingly tortured. A true Edward through and through. I always get bummed about the minimal screen time the Cullens get, but I do realize it's necessary to tell the story correctly.This is why I am SO looking forward to Eclipse & Breaking Dawn as the Cullen's become more part of the main picture. The wolves were breath-taking. And even though I am 100% TEAM EDWARD, I truly enjoyed watching the pack. I must give one more thumbs-up for Melissa I know she gets ALOT of flack for her lame screenwriting( I've bitched a time or two myself)but I must give her KUDOS for linking Harry Clearwater's death with Victoria. Absolutely brilliant.

So, now for the negatives. OK, don't get yer panties in a bunch, they are minor complaints but I still feel the need to voice them.
#1 - The Score. Or should I say the lack of one. I personally feel it's the music that drives the base emotions of the movie. The Score( not the soundtrack)was seriously lacking, not only physically, but emotionally as well and I strongly feel that if Alexandre Desplat stepped it up a few notches, New Moon would've been even more thrilling. Chris Weitz's only misstep. Carter Burwell, you were missed on this film.
#2 - Edward's hair. I'm sorry, I know Rob bitched about them fussing too much over the hair, even complaining about having to stop because a hair was out of place...BUT.
BUT, he fought a little too hard and got his way by leaving him with a more laxed "do" His hair looked like Robert Pattinson hair NOT Edward hair. Minor, I know but it bothered me. Physically, he fit the bill in Twilight, but not so much in New Moon. SUMMIT, if you hear me, please fix this! Sorry Rob, you know I still love ya.
#3 - The Cliffhanger. Ok Summit, was that really necessary? It's not like that in the book. 90% of us know what's going to happen next, so I just felt that the way the movie ended was kinda pointless. Shrugs, maybe it was just me.

OK, so that's about it. I've seen New Moon 5 times so far and plan to see it at least a couple more.Now let the NEW countdown begin......209 days until Eclipse!! And Summt,can you please announce the filming info for Breaking Dawn already? :-D