Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Fall Haul

If you don't know this by now...I'm a horror junkie. 
Anything eery, scary or creepy and I'm like fat kid in a candy shop.
So naturally, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and
 when I saw China Glaze's collection, "Awakening", 
obviously I had to have it.
Who cares if I have similar colors already,
just the names alone made it a MUST have for me.

But the other reason why I got it was because
Ick-a-bod-y reminded me of Fortune Teller
I was one of those poor unfortunate souls that was WAY too late to grab this amazing little gem. 
And though I'd LOVE to get my hands on this color, 
I'm not really up to paying $38 on E-Bay.
(Yes, this was the latest bid I've seen on there)

After playing around with it, it's no replacement for Fortune Teller

But still, it is a great color and does have a similar effect when paired with a black base and topped with Matte Magic

I'm thrilled with the set, and can't wait to use them
In my travels, I also picked up 2 colors from Color Club's latest collection,
"Untamed Luxury"
Snakeskin and Soft As Cashmere, as well as Plum Luck
from  Sally Hansen.

Plum Luck is exactly that, a rich plum cream. While I love plum, we shall see about this color, because it dries a bit darker...and I want a more vibrant plum.

Soft As Cashmere is a cool grayish taupe. A definite go-to color for Fall.
Snakeskin is the real winner of the bunch. A metallic gunmetal gray base with gold shimmer. 
Ohhh yeah, momma likes!!

Can't wait to use these and see what goodies I can create with them!


Enamel Girl said...

These are so pretty. Mine are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow! I can't wait :)

shortwidenails said...

i'm still not sure if I want the awaken collection...but I think I should get it because if I don't I will probably miss it and then regret it...argh.

I just realized that I love love love the sally hansen polish applicator brush. it's so big!

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

loved the skin skin polish its awesome love all the other one too !!!

kaizokumousy said...

wow i love those colors :) and their scary names too is really cool^^

Supersparklekitty said...

I love these swatches! Nice haul!

Unknown said...

I just ordered my Halloween CG's..can't wait!

Nail Talez said...

Nice haul! I missed out on fortune teller as well....sigh.