Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ma.nish.ma. polishes

So I was in Rite aid the other day
picking up the basic necessities, 
when I couldn't help myself but to wander over to
the polish section to see if any new goodies were there.

I discovered this little of ma.nish.ma polishes from Hedy's.
I was somewhat familiar with Hedy's, having done
previous posts about some of their nail art stickers,
here. and also their Oke Doke polishes, here.
But never had seen these ma.nish.ma. polishes, 
so naturally my curiosity got the best of me.

There are just 3 shades available

All 3 are duochromes with fine shimmery glitter.

Beyond Opal flashing from Green to Orange 
Way Out Fuscia flashing from Hot Pink to Blurple
Blaster from Purple to Blue

The formula is very nice, but they are certainly
nothing to write home about.
They are extremely sheer,
these swatches are with 4 coats and still
they could have used another coat or 2.

So, realizing that they would be much better suited as
a top coat, I layered all 3 over black.

Now we're talking!
The colors come to life with just a single coat over black,
bringing out both the duochrome & the fine glitter/shimmer.

While the shades aren't terribly unique,
 with lots of dupes
Beyond Opal is an EXACT dupe for Jessie's Gurl - Fire Fly
Still, they are quite lovely.
If you happen to see them, I'd say have a 2nd look.

Each bottle is .22 oz. and retails for $3.99 each 


Natalie said...

blaster looks very cool over black!

Unknown said...

They are so gorgeous!!
I love them alone and as top coat!

Shally said...

Very pretty! I think I saw those at my Rite Aid..I am going to have to go look now!

Wickless and Polished said...

Darn, I was just at my RA and didn't see these! I found that DVD and Lazer from SH's HD collection look better layered over black as well.

Unknown said...
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Alyssa Valentine said...

I was so excited when I first heard about these... because they are titled as "holographics", but was sad to see they are just duo-chromes/color shifters. I went from wanting them all to skipping on them several times. Just a few days ago I picked up Blaster but have yet to swatch it or try it out. My first thought was to layer it over black and now I know it will look great.

For $3.99, I agree, nothing to write home about. I would have loved some actual holographic goodness going on.

Shally said...

I picked them up today..plus a silver one they had. I'm not all that impressed with the silver one, but think the others are nice.

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