Saturday, June 16, 2012

Enchanted Polish + Lynnderella = Sparkly Cotton Candy Goodness

A couple of weeks back, I was lucky enough to nab some fantastic polishes from Indie brand Enchanted Polish

These are a MUST-HAVE for any holo lover, 
really, they are all completely stunning! 

The moment I saw Disco Barbie, I knew I had to have it. 
I've been searching for ages for a bright bubblegum pink holo.
OMG this doesn't disappoint! 
Flawless application in just a single coat with a medium-strength linear holo. 


But, because I can never leave well enough alone, I grabbed another
stunner from Enchanted, called Ocean Potion, an amazing ocean Turquoise holo and sponged the tips.

And again, with me always going for the " More, is more" rule :)
I then grabbed Lynnderella's Boy-Girl Party and layered on top. 

Ahhhh perfection, Dolly style!

DELISH Sparkly Cotton Candy!

Enchanted Polish can be purchased at both Llarowe 
as well as her own Etsy shop and retail for $15. each

Lynnderella polishes can also be purchased at Llarowe,
and are $15. each.


Mrs Karolina Duda said...

WOW! It looks awesome!

Diana said...

Gorgeous!! Boy Girl Party is at the top of my upcoming wishlist, and Disco Barbie is already on my wish list for the exact reason you described :)

theamazingworldofj said...

This looks so pretty!!

Unknown said...

Wow! Love this Dolly and I have all 3!! I'm going to have to try sponging for sure.

Rebecca said...

Wow! This is stunning! Nicely done!

euzefelus_27 said...

beautiful gradient

MudMaskHoochie said...

Gorgeous Combo!! Looks perfect to me.

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

Looks perfect !!


Mihaela said...

Great post! I love your blog^^


I'd love to follow you if you could do the same for me <3

Unknown said...

After seeing this, I had to try it!

Diana said...

Hi! I LOVE LOVE your blog! I love nail art, but I don't have a lot of time on the computer to follow blogs. However, I found an awesome app for smartphones " bloglovin' " that drops all the unread posts on my phone so I won't miss any! Do you think you can "join" or whatever it takes so I can follow you that way?
Thanks for being awesome! Diana

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