Saturday, February 13, 2010

Orly SWEET Spring Collection 2010

The Orly SWEET Spring Collection is showing a familiar trend this spring. Pastel cremes are all the rage. This collection definitely mimics many of the other Spring collections out there.  This collection consists of 6 different shades.

Pixy Stix - Pink Cream
Lollipop - Pastel Purple Cream
Lemonade - Pastel Yellow Cream
Gumdrop - Pastel Turquoise Cream
Cotton Candy - Baby Pink Cream
Snow Cone - Baby Blue Cream

What makes these gems unique is that each bottle comes with a mini lip gloss in the same shade as the polish. VERY CUTE. Since I've just picked up almost the entire Up & Away collection, by China Glaze, I decided to get just a couple of these polishes and try them out. Cotton Candy & Gumdrop.

I purchased these online, so I haven't had the chance to see all the colors first hand, nor do I know what each of the lip glosses smell like.  Cotton Candy lip gloss is a classic fruity scent, it reminds me of Fruit Stripes gum. Ok, perhaps I'd dating myself since I said that, I haven't seen Fruit Stripes in stores for many years. GumDrop's lip gloss scent is a pure candy smell, very sweet, very yummy. Both glosses are pretty sheer with an opalescence to them.

Now, let's talk about the polishes themselves.The truth is, I can never say anything bad about Orly. Their formula is fantastic, not to thin, not too thick. Paints on clean and smooth and most times you can get away with a single coat. These 2 polishes are no exception to that. Cotton Candy is really a classic girly pink. Yes, there are alot of pastel pinks on the market these days, and so I can't out right day GO BUY THIS, however, if you've got a thing for pink, you need this one in your collection. Cotton Candy has a dupe, same color, goes on the same, for a third of the price. and that color is Beautiful Girl by Sinful Colors. Both in the bottle and on the nail, Beautiful Girl is the slightest bit darker. Cotton Candy being more peach toned, Beautiful Girl being more pink toned. Sinful Colors retails on average $1.99, while Orly's Cotton Candy on average retails for $8.99

Gumdrop I purchased in the hopes of it being a dupe for China Glaze's infamous For Audrey. I was right. These two colors are identical. I am thrilled because For Audrey is one of my all time favorite colors, and apparently it's everyone elses favorite as well, because this color is usually sold out. :( But have no fear. Orly's gumdrop is a perfect match. I may just have to stock up on this color if I'm not able to get my hands on new bottles of For Audrey. It's a wonderful pastel turquoise cream. A classic Tiffany blue. Gorgeous. Polish is the same, not too thin, not too thick, very smooth application and drys fast.China Glaze retails on average of $6.99 & Orly on average of $8.99. Personally, I'll pay a couple of extra dollars to get my hands on a good "For Audrey" dupe.



Judging by these two colors, I'd say that Orly has got a hit with this spring collection. I think I may pick up SnowCone next, I've yet to see a pastel blue exactly like it. These pastels, while the seem the same, they are unique onto themselves.Definitely worth a second look.