Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birthday Goodies...

Well, I had a great birthday yesterday. I received some really nice presents, but none as nice and unexpected as the goodies I got from my best friend,Elaine. I unwrapped my present & began grinning with childish glee.


I really don't have any idea how she knew that I wanted these polishes so badly, but then again, maybe it was about the 1,001 time that I mentioned these beauties that gave her a clue.

I've seen so many swatches of these, on blog after blog talking about how incredible these colors were but you really cannot appreciate them until they are in your actual hands. 
Sadly, no matter how hard I tried, my camera couldn't capture the true essence of these magical colors.
These polishes are not sold in the U.S., sadly it is extremely hard to find them anywhere! To my knowledge they can be purchased from 1 site & that is where my gf found these.

Nfu-Oh's #51 , it's their top seller.
And it's so obvious why. 
Duo-Chrome? Nope, try quadruple-chrome. 
This color is insane. 
Purple base, with an  iridescent flecks of red, green and blue. 
Truly an orgasm in a bottle.

Nfu-Oh # 52 
Blue/purple base with flecks of green.
This isn't your run of the mill kind of glitter, no way. 
They are random size flecks of sparklely goodness.
Uh-huh....another orgasmic color.

Nfu-Oh's #554
This is a brilliant purple creme.
Glides on like your best silk nightie.
Oh yeahhhh.
Nfu-Oh's # 169
The palest of Perwinkles.
Wow, incredible creamy color.

I've yet to swatch these on my actual nails, 
but just staring at these bottles under the light 
makes me feel in need for a very cold shower.
I'm drooling on myself just posting these pics.
If you can get your hands on these, 
I highly, HIGHLY recommend them.


Paige said...

Ooo, I am jealous!!!

chocaddict said...

now that's what I call a terrific b-day present!