Monday, August 16, 2010

Haul - Fall Polish

Here's another recent haul, mostly Autumn colors in preparation for Autumn

Peacock - This color is from ICING, the more grown-up affiliate of Claire's accessory store.

A turquoise base with a magenta duo-chrome finish, this is a real stand-out color and I was very happy to grab it.

Picasso - Another ICING color, this is a true Khaki with a slight blue pearl shimmer to it.

Khaki Fringe - More of an Olive, rather than a Khaki, this is another color I was really happy to pick up. After seeing it on Brooke's aka GETCHA NAILS DID I really wanted a nice Olive green polish to add to my large green polish collection.

Tinsel - After finishing my bottle of Sally Hansen's Celeb City, I could not find another to replace it, so I grabbed this instead. NOT a good replacement. While it is a bright silver as Celeb City was, Tinsel is more of a fine glitter, as compared to Celeb City which is more of a shimmer. 
Still, it's China Glaze, so I can never really be disappointed with owning another.

Lissi at nailaddictsanonymous was gracious enough to offer me her extra bottle of Bella's Choice after seeing me foaming at the mouth for it, but never being able to find it. But unfortunately Lissa,
as some of you know is dealing with some family affairs 
and was unable to send this to me.
While vacationing I stumbled into an H&M and there was the polish.
Needless to say I did a happy dance.
Look Lissi, I found it!!
BIG Hugs to ((((((Lissi)))) 
for being a doll and even offering to send it to me

Wild & Willing - This color is from last year's Fall "At Heart" Collection.
Don't ask me why I never picked up this color until now, because it is absolutely GORGEOUS!. Rich copper shimmer with a pinky-rose duo-chrome. LOVE.

Mocha - KleanColor doesn't make the best of polishes, but they get me every time with their great colors. I had to get this color, because I don't have a single cream like it.

This Franken I call School Bus. Several You tube subbies requested I do some back to school looks, but when I decided on what type of nails to do, I realized that I didn't have that school bus, pencil yellow-orange color. 
So I made this using nothing but a light burnt orange and a golden yellow.
Here are some quick swatches, I do realize they aren't the great, so I apologize for that. But you will be seeing them in all very soon in upcoming Fall looks.

In addition to all the Fall polishes I picked up, I also picked up several new stripers.
The Hurricane polishes rarely have names, not to mention the fact that I have never seen the brand anywhere else other than the small Korean beauty supply store that is in town. But, the 3 center stripers are all from Color Club's Art Club.
The Brown is called Mochalotta
The purple had the labe ripped off, but I've since found out the name is
And the 3rd Art Club is Copper Glitter


Crlsweetie912 said...

Great haul! I can't wait to see how you use your new colors

Supersparklekitty said...

That's quite a variety of colors. Do the Icing bottles kind of resemble China Glaze or is it just me?

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...

nice hauls, my fav is bella! yay..

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

@ Starlight, yes, the bottles are identical

Lissi said...

OMG! I'm so sorry that my delay was so bad! I'm soooooo happy to see that you found a bottle of it. I hope you enjoy it. It really is amazing. But I still feel horrible!

Dea said...

super cute colors! (^_^)deff like them