Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wet n Wild 2011 Fast Dry Polish

Launched just this month, 
Wet n Wild's new 2011 collection 
consists of a full range of eye palettes, mascara, liners, 
glosses, and polishes. 

This is limited edition, 
which means that there is merely a
small display with only 2 of each featured item.
So of you are interested in these and you happen
to come across them in the store, don't hesitate, 
because they will be gone fast. 

With that being said,
naturally I snagged 6 of their new
Fast Dry Nail Polishes.

These polishes, actually, if I am correct, 
I believe the entire collection is named after TV shows.
Some may complain that it's a bit cheezy, 
I happen to think it's adorable.

The Gold and The Beautiful
This is a bright Yellow Gold fine shimmer, glitter

Gray's Anatomy
This is a Silver Shimmer with a Pink duochrome

Buffy The Violet Slayer
A very bold and true royal Purple shimmer, 
this is my personal favorite

Sage In The City
A very pretty Lime shimmer, the perfect Spring Green

Saved By The Blue
Hmm, why does this color look familiar? 
This is a classic Cobalt Blue Shimmer 

Party Of Five Glitters
Multi-sized & colored hexagon glitter in a clear jelly

While none of these colors are extremely unique, 
the formula is pretty smooth and 
the colors are pretty in their own right.
And let's face it, who can pass up $1.99?
I am also really liking the new bottles, 
they have a sleekness to them that 
WnW polish hasn't really had before.
My only complaint is that these claim to be 'FAST DRY" polishes, 
which I just didn't find to be the case.
The drying time was pretty standard to most other regular polish.

I'm sure if I rummage into my polish I can 
find dupes for most of these, but one that grabbed 
me as soon as I saw it was,
Saved By The Blue
 It is an EXACT dupe for 
China Glaze's Frostbite

Here are some swatches

There is a total of 18 colors in the collection,
with more cute names like

Everybody Loves Redmond

Teal or No Teal

Teal of Fortune

How I Met Your Magenta

Hannah Pinktana 

Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire

 These are worth a 2nd look, 
especially those with tightened wallets after the holidays.
and the colors are super bright and the names are fun.

As I said before, 
jump on these fast, as they won't last in the stores for long.

I found these at Walgreen's for $1.99 each


Sally said...

The name Party of Five Glitters is just cracking me up for some reason. I need it!! I'm gonna go to Walgreens now but they never have these!

nail crazy said...

i want party of five glitters so bad!!!

TINA said...

Love it! thanks for sharing ill be dropping by my Walgreens later :D

Kalee said...

these are perm! they are going to be in their core collection along with the other new 2011 Wet N Wild stuff!!!!

Stella said...

The names of these polishes are adorable!! I was laughing throughout the entire post! It's too bad I don't get Wet N Wild where I am though, I'm a sucker for budget gems.

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

Thank you for the great news Kaylee, I'm so happy that these will be part of WnW's new permanent collection!

Neeu said...


Marika "What's your nail?" said...

hello, i'm a new french follower and i love your blog!!!
(and i discover polish brand):)

mademoiselle créative said...

Cute blog!