Friday, April 8, 2011

BIG Haul

I never deny myself, or put a cap on my polish spending.
And when I attempt to enforce 
a "no buy" policy for a month or so, 
it usually has the reverse affect.
Most times I manage to control myself, 
and reign myself in from going into a polish frenzy...
This, clearly is not on of those times.
Too many collections and the excitement for Spring 
has caused me to go a wee bit overboard.

Let's start with Color Club's Wicked Sweet Collection 

This is 1 of 2 collections that Color Club has released for Spring

All of these polishes are scented. 
Scented, in that, after it's been applied and dried,I
t smells like its coordinating color.
I'm not really sure how I feel about scented polish,
kind of gimicky if you ask me.
I picked 4 colors out of this collection, solely based on colors.

Wicked Sweet

This Blue is very reminiscent of Towel Boy Toy from China Glaze,
the only difference is this has a slight golden pearl to it,
where as Towel Boy Toy has blue pearl.
It's very thin, 
but you do usually run into that when it comes to neons.
The scent is Blueberry.
Gimmie A Grape Big Kiss

I've got a few variations of this shade,
but none as bright and I'm such a sucker
for "in your face" bright neon's, 
especially come Spring & Summer.
This shade, being a cream, is much thicker, and goes on alot easier.
The scent is grape and in my opinion, 
the strongest scent out of the lot.

The Lime Starts Here

Again, another shade that I have many variations of, 
but none as bright.
This is slightly more runny. Somewhere between 
Wicked Sweet & Gimmie A Grape Big Kiss
I applied 2 coats, and it's still a bit patchy, so you are best with 3.
The scent is Lime.

Yum Gum
If you follow me on Facebook, you saw that when I received these polishes, this one was broken :(
but they have since sent me a replacement.
This is my favorite of the bunch.
I wouldn't categorize this a a neon, though it is very bright.
It's a classic bubblegum pink, and I couldn't be happier with it.
This is definitely my new go-to pink.
Another cream, 
so this applied nicely and was completely opaque in 2 coats.
The scent, fittingly so, is bubblegum.

I wasn't thrilled with the entire collection, but the colors
I decided on getting I am pleased with. 
The scents are all fairly strong, but last only a couple of days
before it starts to fade. 
And yes, you can still smell them even with a top coat.

There are several new shades out for CQ & Petites.
These aren't full Spring collections, but they have 
introduced several new colors.
 Rustic Dream

Though you can't tell from the photos, this is a douchrome.
While the base is copper, the duochrome flashes from Red to Gold.
I would wear this shade in the Fall, not Spring, 
but it was so pretty I had to grab it.

2 coats was all it took to get this beauty to shine, 
with a very smooth formula.

The lightest mint green I've ever come across, 
it's muted and subtle, but absolutely perfect for Spring.


Again, this is one of those colors that I have many variations of, 
but none like this. 
A muted Teal, this can carry through every season, 
and that alone makes this one a winner.

Creme Blue

I've never been a real big fan of Blue, but as of late,
I am definitely on a Blue kick for some reason.
I adore this color, another one that can carry 
throughout every season.
A classic dusty blue, this has a great formula 
with a great opaqueness to it.
1 coat would have done it, but as a standard, I went for 2


An intense violet shimmer.
This went on a bit more dull than how it appears in the bottle, 
and a bit thin,
but still a beautiful shade.

These small collections can usually be found in Rite Aid, 
and the next time you step into one, I recommend you taking a look
at these. They are commonly over looked, and it's a shame
because they are really nice!!

 Lastly, I went a bit nuts in the local beauty supply 
store when I saw that they had added a 
new rack of KleanColor polishes, 
most of them I had never seen before.

Bikini Green

A bright, fun kiwi green cream, I picked this up, 
thanks to a FB follower, Adriana, who had posted a pick of her own KleanColor haul, and when I saw this, I knew I had to grab it.
as with most KleanColor polishes, 
this went on great with just a single coat,
but as usual, I always go with 2.

Take A Hint

A Pink jelly with loads of opalescent hexagon glitter.
This is definitely more of a top coat, 
rather than a stand alone polish
In fact when I swatched it, I layered it on top of a soft pink polish..
Of course you can do that alone, 
but you'd have to add multiple layers to build up the color.

Blue-Eyed Girl

Another great glitter. 
This is a blue-based jelly with tons of hexagon glitter.
These are a bit more chunky than Take A Hint.
The jelly is pretty dense, and so I left it alone, 
and with 2 coats, it was fairly opaque.


**** DUPE ALERT!! ****

I seriously did a little dance when I saw this shade.
A dupe for Wet n Wild's Limited Edition Holiday 
shade in Prancer, which is also a great dupe for 
Deborah Lipmann's Ruby Red Slippers.
If you missed out and/or lemming for either of those,
this is the color for you!

Black Out

A Black based jelly with again, the same multi-dimensional 
hexagon glitters.
These polishes are really loaded, and can be used alone,
or as a top coat.
Ohhhh goodie, time to experiment!!

Kiss Goodbye

Clear jelly jam-packed with fine glitter.
The overall shade is Magenta, but when you look closely,
you can see blue and gold, and even a bit of silver glitter.
This polish and the next are quite interesting to look at
and give a really unique finish, almost a holographic look to them.

Midnight Seduction

Same as Kiss Goodbye, this is a clear jelly, densely packed
with ultra-fine glitter.
At first glance, it looks like a dark silver shade, 
but oh no, this is SO much more.
I think the easiest way for me to describe the glitter shade range is,
Wet n Wild's Party Of Five Glitters,
only on a much tinier and denser scale.
I am really digging this one.

Metallic Green, Aqua, & Fuschia

They have a whole range of these metallic shades,
these 3 were the ones that really grabbed me.

INTENSE shimmer. I mean, WOW.
They look like there is an actual spotlight on them when swatched.
The literally glow.
One word, STUNNING.
I am going to go back to pick up the rest of the metallic shades.
I seriously suggest you run, not walk to your nearest KleanColor
supplier to check these out.
And of course if you don't have any suppliers,
you can always check out their website and 
the amazing range of colors they have.

Here's the swatches for all the KleanColor's  

With the exception of the remaining metallic shades, 
I think it's safe to say that I'm done with
buying any new polishes for a while.
Or until the next little bottle of love calls to me!


Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

Wow you got some amazing thing love all the swatches !!!

JQ said...

GAH! Gotta get my hands on Red Hot, Black Out and Blue Eyed Girl for sure! I'll be wanting all of them I know it. Right now I'm wishing for foils in a wider variety of colours for stamping. :)

JQ said...

Annnd Midnight Seduction too. :)

~Leslie~ said...

I wonder would Blue Eyed Girl layered over black be a good dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe or Lady Sings the Blues?!
That would be awesome! :)

Unknown said...

Zodiac reminds me a lot of Violet Metal from Rimmel!

Unknown said...

what a great haul! I envy you ;)

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

@ Leslie - I'm going to try it right now!

@ Love B. - Yes, the finish is different, but the color is virtually the same

vita86 said...

Ugh, I am super jealous of your Klean Colors haul. I love them. I want all of their hex glitters.

FOREVER '92 said...

I'm drooling! This is such a great haul (:

Unknown said...

This is a great haul!!
Can't wait to see the swatches!!

Chrissy *NailUtopia* said...

You are so lucky to find such goodies!!! I am so wanting a few but no idea where to find them :(

Kacee said...

What store do you find color club polishes at? Can't find em anywhere...

Inge (PolishSis) said...

Hi, I was looking for some swatches of Kleancolor and found your post very helpful in deciding which ones to buy :-)
Thank you for your help!