Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Swap from Down Under

A few weeks back, 
I was contacted by a lovely blog follower by the name of Paris.
She'd seen from my blog that I was looking to swap
with anyone in Australia, 
as I've been really interested in getting my hands 
on some BYS polishes, a popular Australian brand.
Naturally I jumped at the chance and I'm so glad that I did!

We exchanged our wish lists, 
and Paris and I had a blast finding all the 
shades that I we were lemming for.
This weekend we received our packages with great excitement!

Now, thanks to Paris, I'm the proud owner of some
spectacular BYS polishes and she even threw in a couple of extra polishes!

(first row starting from left to right)

Army Chic, Envy Me, Fatal Attraction, Fern, 
Aqua Pool, Pink Princess, and Flushed

(middle row)

Ulta3 in Little Boy Blue, CRACKED(BYS crackle) Pastel Coral,
Down The Rabbit Hole,CRACKED Hot Pink, and Ulta3 in Lagoon
(bottom row)

Ladies That Lunch, Ultra Violet, Reign Supreme, 
Matte Deep Purple, and Starlette

The formula and finish on all of these are divine.
Paris had expressed to me that some of the CRACKED polishes
do flake off, but these 2 particular shades I had no problems with. 
Aside from some really unique shades, these crackle polishes 
give that subtle spider-web effect much 
like the crackle polishes back in the day.
I'm totally loving them!

Here's some swatches

Thanks so much Paris, I love them ALL!!


Alissa said...

Fatal Attraction is awesome, and I love that deep purple matte. Awesome!

Unknown said...

GREAT swap!

Cydonian said...

Awesome swap! I need that coral crackle polish... need.

Unknown said...

Great swap!
Have fun with all this!
If you need anything I'm from France too ^^

Cyn - Carpe Diem said...

Looks Great!!! Hope you will get your Dutch package as well soon! ;)

I'm so happy with the Milani's, am swatching them now, and will soon write a blog about it!

ohfaciq said...

Great swap! Fab colours!

Sweetz said...

what the!? how come your down the rabbit hole looks soo good mine comes out greyish and see through not that beautiful black background

Brigitte Honeybee said...
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Brigitte Honeybee said...

those look devine. i love the crackle polishes and the navy and dark greens!!

im so jelous of you right now, nail polishes are my love right now

xoXo -B
BreezeyBee Blog

Natalie said...

Nice swap! I really like Reign Supreme and Down the Rabbit Hole!