Wednesday, October 27, 2010

" IT "

With today's look,
I've come to the conclusion that I really do suck at painting tiny faces on nails. 

Scary clown, and in particular, 
Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King's IT 
was requested alot and I really wanted to get it out there, 
so I apologize for my mediocre portrait skills 
But hey, at least you can tell what and you who is,
so it aint all that bad LOL

For full tutorial on this look, please visit ,y YouTube channel


kory_nails said...

uuu scary

Anonymous said...

i remember seeing this movie when i was a kid --- needless to say i didnt sleep well for weeks!

JQ said...

Uggga Bugga! Fa-REAKY!!

nail crazy said...

Really scary...but I like it :-)

Unknown said...

That movie freaks me out. Nice at work though!

Arie said...

Oh oh That's scary!:)

Rins said...

I think you did well! :) I would never have thought to paint IT for Halloween. This is great! :)

Deborah Urban said...

Love your "IT" nails.